Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

About CEA

What is CEA? CEA stands for Controlled Environment Agriculture, which includes the production and harvest of edible crops under cover. Growing under cover encompasses traditional greenhouse structures, hoop houses, cold frames, vertical growing operations and other warehouse production facilities. Typical CEA crops include fruiting vegetables and cucurbits (e.g. tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers), leafy greens, herbs, soft fruits, medicinal crops and more. These crops can be grown in conventional media or in hydroponic systems. They can be grown under natural light, supplemented natural light or entirely under artificial light. Production can use conventional fertilizers and crop protection tools or certified organic products and biological control agents (BCAs). Regardless of the approach taken, the CEA experts at Griffin can support your operation.

In any given day, Griffin supports CEA growers from concept to production. Our construction team helps to guide new greenhouse and warehouse builds and also guides renovation projects. The team helps growers select the best lighting for a particular application, details irrigation plans and recommends complete strategies for environmental control, including heating and cooling systems. If you are an enterprising grower looking for ways to adapt your business to serve developing markets, our experts can help you make that vision a reality.

Support from Griffin continues well beyond the planning and construction phases. The experts at Griffin can also help you grow the crop. Our GGSPro team works with you to understand your goals and provides specialized fertility plans and recommends crop protection strategies that are in line with your unique needs and objectives. Our GGSPro team continues to provide a unique, high level of service to our customers through harvest: active Griffin customers may call upon GGSPro for help in problem solving during production. GGSPro provides guidance on all facets of production, ranging from sanitation and crop protection to interpreting media tests and correcting nutritional deficiencies.

Take advantage of the breadth and depth of services Griffin offers to CEA growers.

The CEA Team

Peter Armando
Sales Manager and Expert Grower

Dan Morrissey
Construction Advisor

Sean Shackleton
Customer Service

Tami Van Gaal
Product Management and Technical Support

Scott Baker
Business Manager

Technical Support

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Team Bios

Peter Armando

Peter’s technical expertise is built on a strong foundation of over 30 years as a wholesale grower of plugs, bedding plants, bulb crops, mums and poinsettias. His acumen covers an impressive array of competencies, including construction, irrigation, equipment, media, fertilizers, hydroponic production, CEA, pesticides and biological pest control. Peter’s history with Griffin extends more than 10 years, during which time he has demonstrated excellence in matching customer needs with effective solutions.

Dan Morrissey

During his 40 years in the industry, Dan has overseen projects from cold frame structures to complete hydroponic facilities. His vast knowledge and commitment to detail allow Dan to successfully service all levels of customer needs. Whether it’s design and construction of a new cultivation facility or the retrofitting of an existing structure, the insights of Dan and his team are highly valued by Griffin customers.

GGSPro Technical Support

GGSPro is the in-house technical support team for Griffin. The team brings more than a century of combined experience to the table, in service and support to all Griffin customers. GGSPro strives to bring prompt, practical and accurate technical support, in understandable terms, to our customers in order to enhance crop quality and profitability. Team expertise includes crop culture, sanitation protocols, plant physiology and pathology, chemical controls, biological control agents (BCAs) and nutrition.