8MM 48" X 12' Double Wall Thermaglass Clear

Item #08-3027

Multi-Wall PC with Selective Light Transmission
ThermaGlas SLT is engineered for use on enclosures where plant materials must thrive, and where people must feel comfortable. Examples of such structures include retail garden centers and commercial greenhouse packing sheds or holding facilities.

ThermaGlas SLT features Selective Light TransmissionT resin technology that is designed to absorb the sun's harmful UV rays, transmit the beneficial wavelengths plants use for growth, and reflect some of the heat-giving infrared wavelengths. The result is high quality light with less stress-inducing heat from the sun.

ThermaGlas SLT polycarbonate sheets offer all the benefits of polycarbonate glazing, such as high impact resistance, excellent durability, and 99.9% UV blocking.

Keep dry and out of direct sun light when storing.

Features at a Glance:
*Reduces heat from the sun while transmitting valuable PAR light for plant growth
*Reduces shade requirement by minimizing plant stress due to heat
*Irrigation and growth regulator requirements are reduced, as well as related labor costs
*Offers better light quality for plants-and more of it-than other products with pearlescent green or pink coatings, standard white, opal, grey or bronze pigment panels
*Selective Light Transmission resins are stable and won't fade or become ineffective over time
*Built-in condensate control
*High light diffusion provides a more comfortable environment for retail customers, or greenhouse laborers

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