Flat 4-Way (30" & 30") M.O.D. Assemblys #014DM-3030F With

Item #5014215

This very versatile system uses the pressure compensating dripper and 4-way manifolds with the arrow dripper stakes. The 4-way manifolds can be stacked to allow for the watering of 4 or 8 pots from one emitter. The system enables the grower to water 8 smaller pots by stacking two 4-way manifolds together and then changing over to 4 larger pots by removing one of the 4-way manifolds. The system also allows the grower to vary the tube lengths from crop to crop. Assembly includes a 4-WAY manifold, Flex PVC Hose at desired lengths, and 4 arrow drippers. Please remember to order a 2 GPH Pressure Compensating Dripper with each 4-way assembly. Pot flow rate will vary depending on # of pots being watered from each emitter. A 35 psi regulator required for proper operation.