NC Green Lacewings 1000/CARD (Chrysopa rufilabris)

Item #53-120210

For use against Aphids, Thrips, Mealybugs and Whiteflies. Looking like tiny alligators, Lacewing larvae (Chrysopa rufilabris) voraciously attack almost any prey they can grab. They inject a paralyzing venom and suck the body fluids from the helpless insect victim.
Green Lacewings are available as eggs in a cup, eggs glued to cards which are hung from foliage, or as pre-hatched ready to go larvae.

Application: Eggs and larvae can be hand sprinkled almost anywhere because Lacewings search up to 100 feet for their first meal. Lacewing eggs may be refrigerated for a few days at 38-45 F. to delay hatching, but be careful not to freeze them. Typical egg release rates range from 5000 - 50,000 eggs per acre, depending on infestation levels. Typical larvae release rates range from 1000-5000 per acre. Repeated releases every 2-4 weeks may be necessary in severe or heavy infestations.

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