Oriline I, Orius insidiosus, 1K 250ml bottle SB

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Oriline products contain the predatory bug Orius, which has a long history of providing effective and reliable thrips control in a range of protected crops. Orius serves as a standard preventive treatment for thrips, particularly Western Flower Thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis.
The Oriline product range consists of three products, each tailored to the country and the use required.

Key Features--
*Orius is the only biological control agent that kills adult thrips
*Can kill up to 80 adult thrips per day (while only feeding on a few)
*Establishes well on pollen-rich crops
*Feeding Ephestia eggs (Bug Food E) will enhance the establishment of Orius due to increased fecundity
*All five Orius nymph stages are also predatory and adults can fly
*Considered a generalist predator it will also feed on mites, moth eggs and other pests
*Takes 4 to 8 weeks to establish a population

Target Pests--
*Western Flower thrips
*Onion thrips
*Other thrips spp
*Moth eggs
*TSSM (Two Spotted Spider Mite)

Available delivery systems--
Oriline i contains the species Orius insidiosus and is specifically used in North America because it is native to this part of the world.
*Supplied in a 250ml bottles containing either 500 or 1,000 adults and late instar nymphs

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