Hemp Cultivation Workshop

August 21
DCU Center
Worcester, MA

RSVP: August 21

September 24
Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square
25 S Queen St.
Lancaster, PA 17603

RSVP: September 6

Advanced registration is required.
Limited seating available.

11:30 AM    Check in / Lunch
12:00 PM    Session 1
  1:00 PM    Session 2
  2:00 PM    Session 3

Call: 1.866.307.8142

$99.00 per person (Includes lunch)

Success with Hemp 

The 2018 Farm Bill opened the door to hemp production in the US. Interest and enthusiasm for this old/new crop is exploding. Growers thinking about adding hemp as a seasonal crop or those considering a full conversion will learn about infrastructure needs, crop nutrition and crop protection. This workshop will provide a strong horticultural overview for hemp, with a focus on greenhouse production needs. Regardless of background and experience level, attendees will gain valuable knowledge for immediate use.

Educational Sessions

Session 1: Infrastructure that Works
Peter Armando, CEA Technical Sales

Whether you are considering seedling/liner production for starts for the field, seasonal protected crops or year-round production, you will want to understand the structures and equipment that are needed to meet the physiological needs of the crop. Learn about several options for structures and which key pieces of equipment you need in place for success in year one and in the future.

Session 2: Straight Talk on Nutrition
Rick Yates, GGSPro Technical Services Manager and George Grant, GGSPro Technical Specialist

There are many different ideas out there regarding hemp nutrition. Our horticultural experts will help you understand fertility needs for conventional and organic production using cost effective fertilizer options for greenhouse production. Learn how your water and media impact nutrient availability and how to fix common water quality issues. Includes best practices for in-house media testing and nutritional scouting tips.

Session 3: Protect that Crop
Speaker: Joanne Lutz, GGSPro Technical Specialist

Learn about the top pathogens, insects and mites that impact hemp. Get tips for scouting for early detection and understand strategies for preventative and curative control, including use of biological control agents (BCAs, aka the good bugs) against insect and mite pests. Includes pest ID and biology so you better understand why the recommendations work.