Cannabis Grower Workshop


Sept 26, 2017
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM


12:00 PM Lunch
12:30 PM Sessions begin
4:00 PM Wrap-up

Lancaster County Convention Center
25 South Queen Street
Lancaster, PA

This event is being held in conjunction with the Expo. Stay for the next day’s events for more industry knowledge, time with vendors and show specials. (Hotel Rate: $140.00 per night)

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Spend $3,000 at the expo and we will reimburse you for the hotel stay.


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Seminar Cost: $99.00 per person

Come and learn from Griffin’s GGSPro technical team at a seminar focusing on the production of medicinal marijuana. Build foundational knowledge and learn practices for immediate impact on your production that will improve crop quality, efficiency and profitability. Horticultural crop experts will be providing easy to understand, technical information in the areas of scouting, fertilization and sanitation.

Educational Sessions

Session 1: Keep It Clean
Speaker: GGSPro Technical Specialist

Learn how to clean and sanitize between crops to prevent carryover disease, insect and mite pests. Also learn some simple actions that will prevent pests from spreading through your production space. Includes tips for effective and safe sanitation of floors, benches and walls. Also, learn about how a common practice might be working against you.

Session 2: Feed Myths Busted
Speaker: GGSPro Technical Specialist

Learn how to meet your crop’s fertility needs for conventional and organic production using cost effective fertilizer options. Understand how your water and media impact nutrient availability and how to fix common water quality issues. Includes best practices for in-house media testing and GGSPro’s most popular fertility program for low alkalinity water.

Session 3: Seek and Destroy
Speaker: GGSPro Technical Specialist

Learn effective scouting techniques to catch problems early, review insect and mite ID and get tips on using biological control agents (BCAs, aka the good bugs) against insect and mite pests. Includes a full BCA plan to combat one of the most common crop threats.