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Crop Nutrition and Delivery Strategies
for Great Crops and Strong Margins

Spend an afternoon with our team of experts, including Griffin’s GGSPro technical team and our favorite industry pros, and learn strategies you can use to improve crop nutrition, production efficiency and your bottom line.

  • Learn how water quality, media and nutrients come together to provide optimum plant growth.
  • Understand how to utilize effective horticultural tools to mitigate water quality concerns, efficiently deliver crop nutrition to your plants and enhance crop uniformity and growth.
  • Hear about common crop concerns and problems – and how to avoid them.
  • Hone your diagnostic skills with guided case studies.
In the end, you will understand crop nutrition from the roots up, how to use proven horticultural nutrients to
grow a healthy crop, and how to utilize horticultural tools to increase production efficiency and reduce
production costs.

Educational Sessions

Successful Crop Nutrition - Joanne Lutz, Griffin GGSPro Technical Team
Understand how crop nutritional requirements might not be what you think, and how you can meet these requirements in both conventional and organic production.

Mastering Media - Susan Parent, Premier Tech Horticulture
Learn the science of nutrient uptake, the factors impacting root health and how the right media can help ensure strong root development in warehouse, greenhouse and outdoor cannabis.

Using Water Soluble Nutrients - Karen Cords, Master Plant-Prod
Learn about water soluble fertilizers, the role of the nutrients in crop growth and how to manipulate nutrient programs to keep the crop on track.

Harnessing the Power of Injectors - Randy Nester, HE Anderson Company
Understand how on-demand, in-line injector systems work and how they are used to provide consistent, accurate nutrition to the crop.

Automating Nutrient Delivery - Peter Armando, Griffin CEA Division
Understand how to maintain optimum media moisture levels. Learn the components of a reliable drip irrigation system, how to keep it clean and how to avoid other common problems.

Treating Water for Problems and Health - Jared Babik, Dramm Corporation
Learn how common water quality issues can have negative impacts on crop production. Learn about options for mitigation, including ideas for recirculating systems, and options to promote crop health.

Diagnosing Nutritional Problems - Joanne Lutz, Griffin GGSPro Technical Team
Understand nutrient mobility and recognize deficiency symptoms. Use case studies to learn diagnostic process.