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Proven Winners is building on the success of their Bright Lights
                                                                                       Yellow osteospermum, introduced last year. Bright Lights
                                                                                       becomes a series with the addition of new Double Moonglow.
                                                                                       Double Moonglow displays semi-double flowers wherin bicolor
                                                                                       cream colored petals are offset by a frill of buttery yellow petals
                                                                                       in the centers. Gorgeous! Both Bright Lights varieties are heat-
                                                                                       tolerant with a mounded habit.

                                                                                       There’s a new addition to Proven Winners’ Intensia phlox series,
                                                                                       and it’s hot, hot, hot! Red Hot, to be specific. Intensia Red Hot
                                                                                       is a heavy bloomer with large, true red flowers. Like the rest of
                                                                                       the series, you can count on Red Hot for fabulous performance
                                                                                       through summer heat and humidity.

                                                                                       If you’re looking for big dahlia color for smaller container programs,
                                                                              G check out the new Midalio series from Syngenta Flowers. It’s

                                                                                       grower-friendly with a compact, controlled habit that’s easy to
                                                                                       manage. Midalio spans six rich colors, uniform in timing for bench-
                                                                                       run production.

                                                                           J   M

  H                                                                                    N
                                                                          L   Photo Captions: G. Intensia Red Hot
                                                                              phlox from Proven Winners, H. Candy Tops
  I                                                                           snapdragon from Sakata, I. Rise Up Gold
10 | Griffin Gazette 2017                                                     begonia from Dümmen Orange, J. Superbells
                                                                              Double Ruby calibrachoa from Proven Winners,
                                                                              K. Calliope Medium Deep Rose geranium from
                                                                              Syngenta Flowers, L. Sunfinity Yellow Dark
                                                                              Center helianthus from Syngenta Flowers,
                                                                              M. Great Falls Iguazu coleus from Dümmen
                                                                              Orange, N. Lucky Star Lavender pentas from
                                                                              PanAm Seed
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