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Your In-Store Fixer Upper


                                                                                                What changes are you
                                                                                                making, internally and
                                                                                                externally, to bring more
                                                                                                “wow” factor to your
                                                                                                customer’s attention?

                                                                                                                                     Terrain Garden Center

                             By John Johnston,      When it comes to the gardening experience,  “Every gambler knows that the secret to
                             Retail Education       you have to ask yourself this strategic     survivin’ is knowing what to throw away and
                             Manager                question: What are you doing to get         knowin’ what to keep.” Retailing today must
                                                    noticed? What changes are you making,       meet this challenge head on. Nothing stays
                             The popularity of      internally and externally, to bring more    the same.
                             cable TV remodeling    “wow” factor to your customer’s attention?
                             shows is astound-      Here are some topics and examples to        In our industry, you have the ultimate weapon
                             ing. You can find ex-  consider.                                   to use against box-store competitors:
                             amples of renovated                                                Color! Lots and lots of plant color! Growers
                             garden centers and     Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When            make their living by maximizing table space
                             nurseries across the   to Fold ‘Em                                 on a continuous bench level, while retailers
country, too! Reading the news these days           Do you strive to make your store stand      utilize various heights in creating excitement
can be a painful reminder that retailing is         apart from competitors with amazing color,  in colors, textures and combinations. Can
not easy, even for those who have the mon-          variety, convenience, unique displays and   customers see which plants you have to
ey to invest in their stores. Brick-and-mortar      exceptional service? Do you plan far in     offer from the road at 40 miles per hour?
companies are under siege, competing for            advance to make changes? Or are you         What makes their heads turn? Color!
consumers who spend hours clicking away             comfortable with what you’ve got? Are
in their quest to find their purchases through      you a gambler? One of the great lines from  Showing fresh, healthy plants vertically
pictures on websites and in catalogs.               Kenny Rogers’ song, “The Gambler,” is,      sells far more than unorganized tables of

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