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Benefits of using


for Garden Mums

It is the time of year when growers purchase their growing media        Top Image: The stunted, chlorotic mum in the middle of the picture has
for planting mums. There are many products that work well, but          Pythium aphanidermatum. The root system was damaged by excessive
it's important to look at biologicals additives that can help reduce    salts from controlled release fertilizer which allowed for Pythium
potential problems and increase success with garden mum crop.           aphanidermatum to infect the root system. Notice that there is chlorosis
One such biological additive that is offered by Premier Tech            as the rotted roots cannot acquire micronutrients. BIOFUNGICDE
Horticulture is BIOFUNGICIDE which is offered in the professional       could have suppressed the disease, saving the plant.
PRO-MIX growing media product line.                                     Source: Premier Tech Horticulture.

BIOFUNGICIDE is a natural, soil-dwelling bacterium called Bacillus      Root disease can also occur when garden mum roots are damaged
subtilis. It rapidly colonizes the mums’ root systems within 48 hours   by excessive fertilizer salts coming from controlled-release fertilizers
and then produces an antibiotic that suppresses root disease            during hot weather or application of a water-soluble fertilizer at
causing organisms, Alternaria, Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia.       excessive rates. These wounds on the roots serve as entry points
It is available in many different formulations of professional PRO-MIX  for the same three root rot pathogens mentioned above. Pythium
growing media, but the products best suited for growing mums are        aphanidermatum can tolerate high fertilizer salts, so it tends to be
PRO-MIX BRK BIOFUNGICIDE, PRO-MIX BRK20 BIOFUNGICIDE                    more problematic than Fusarium and Rhizoctonia.
                                                                        Any additional issue that causes plant stress (lack of fertilization,
Why use a PRO-MIX BIOFUNGICIDE product? Root disease                    extreme temperatures, pH problems, etc.) makes garden mums
pathogens are found in the outdoor soil and even in water. When         more susceptible to attack by root-rot pathogens. Not only does
dust from soil blows into a garden mum                                  the Bacillus subtilis in PRO-MIX BIOFUNGICIDE suppress these
crop, soil inadvertently “contaminates” a                               three common pathogens, but the lack of pathogen activity on
soilless media or contaminated water is                                 the garden mums’ root system improves root health as well as top
used, root pathogens can be introduced                                  growth health. Reducing plant stress makes garden mums less
to a crop. The most common root-                                        susceptible to attack from any root disease pathogen.
rot pathogens that infect mums and
can tolerate summer heat are                                            Other benefits of PRO-MIX BIOFUNGICIDE product line:
Pythium aphanidermatum, Fusarium                                         •	 Reduced need for fungicide drenches which saves money
and Rhizoctonia.
                                                                         •	 Reduced incidence of root disease decreases plant loss
Root disease can become a problem in
garden mums when they are watered too                                    •	 BIOFUNGICIDE remains with the root system, providing season
frequently or they cannot dry down from                                     long protection from Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia
extended rainy weather. Wet, saturated
growing medium causes stress on plant                                    •	 Insecticides and fungicides do not harm BIOFUNGICIDE
roots, due to lack of oxygen making
them more susceptible to infection by                                    •	 BIOFUNGICIDE will survive up to two years in unopened
Pythium aphanidermatum, Fusarium and                                        packaged if temperatures remain below 120°F. However, we
Rhizoctonia. Of these three pathogens,                                      recommend using them within 9-12 months to avoid slow
Pythium aphanidermatum needs a wet,                                         wettability and loss of starter fertilizer charge.
saturated growing medium to thrive,
so it can be problematic. Rhizoctonia                                    •	 All crops benefit from BIOFUNGICIDE.
and Fusarium need moist, but not wet
conditions to thrive.                                                     Product Images: PRO-MIX products enriched with BIOFUNGICIDE are
                                                                          available in these master label packages, depending on the product.
                                                                          PRO-MIX BRK BIOFUNGICIDE and PRO-MIX BRK20 BIOFUNGICIDE,
                                                                          two peat-bark growing media, come in the 2.8 and 60 cu ft loose-fill
                                                                          sizes. The PRO-MIX BX BIOFUNGICIDE, general purpose, peat-based
                                                                          growing media, comes in 2.8 and 80 cu ft loose-fill and 3.8 and 135 cu ft
                                                                          compressed. Source: Premier Tech Horticulture.

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