Page 23 - Griffin Gazette Q3 2017
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PRO-MIX BK55 is a medium-       Designed for the cultivation of  PRO-MIX NCX is a heavy-weight
weight growing medium designed                                   general purpose growing medium
for long-term greenhouse crops  greenhouse horticultural crops   for the cultivation in nursery
and perennials grown outdoors.  in 4" pots or larger, PRO-MIX    and perennials grown outdoors
This blend provides a good      BK25 is a medium-weight general  that provides excellent drainage
air/water balance.              purpose growing medium that      and high container stability.

High bark content adds weight   provides good drainage and low   * Available in 60 cu ft bag and bulk.
for container stability.
                                water retention capacity.

                                                                   1 800 667-5366
                                             VISIT PTHORTICULTURE.COM

                                PRO-MIX® is a registered trademark of Premier Tech Ltd. or its affiliated companies © Premier Tech Ltd. All rights reserved.
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