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Sun Master® Films                                                      The EVO2 is a 12 mil, 7-layer film and the first of its kind. This
Sun Master has introduced an “ultra-strong” 2.4 mil OW film.           delaminatable film is installed and locked down on the roof of the
                                                                       greenhouse as a single sheet and then separated into two 6 mil
This film has been used for three years in the New England climate     films, each with its own properties, by introducing air between the
with great success. Ask your Griffin sales representative for pricing  2 layers of the film. The separation-inflation process is performed
and sizes.                                                             with the inflation tubes of the greenhouse (no special equipment
                                                                       is necessary).
The revolutionary new Sun Master EVO2 films are now in stock
(finished goods and master rolls). This product utilizes Sun Master    Your covering will now be installed with one pass, in a much faster
IV as the 1st layer (top) and Sun Master EVO AC (Thermal with          and safer way! It is installed like a single sheet and performs like
permanent AC) as the 2nd layer, (bottom) closest to the plants.        a tube.

                                                                       Furthermore, the new film will ensure 100% perfect and consistent
                                                                       roofs, with the same air space throughout, for maximum thermal
                                                                       qualities and energy savings.

                                                                       This product is available in master roll widths of 24', 28', 32', 36',
                                                                       40', & 42' and any length (5' increments)

                                                                       The Sun Master EVO AC (thermal with permanent AC) is now in
                                                                       stock and available in the following widths:

                                                                       12', 14', 16', 18', 20', 21', 22', 24', 28', 32', 36', 40', 42', & 44'.

                                                                       For the time being, the wider widths (48', 50', & 56'), are only
                                                                       available in the traditional technology - Sun Master Thermal w/AC

                                                                       Lumite Ground Cover
                                                                       The Lumite 994 (blue line) remains the highest quality
                                                                       ground cover offered in the market. In addition, it has the only
                                                                       5-year warranty.

                                                                       Please ask your Griffin sales representative for pricing and sizes
                                                                       for the new white ground cover. Cooler in the field and good
                                                                       reflectance in the greenhouse.

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