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                                                OUR 2018 SEED & PLANT CATALOG IS COMING SOON

By Tracey Gorrell, Marketing                    10-11, organized by category.                    is loaded with new, unique and top-selling
Communications Lead                                                                              varieties to drive sell-through for your
                                                And, wow, there’s a lot to look forward to!      operation. Our coverage begins with the
As you flip through this new issue of the       Our new Seed & Plant catalog features more       complete vegetative annuals assortment
Griffin Gazette, you’ll see we’re already       than 350 new varieties, plus more than 60        from Syngenta Flowers, from angelonia to
ramping up for the 2017-18 growing season.      improved varieties. You’ll find upgrades that    vinca. It’s all here: the market leaders, the
Check out pages 6-7 for our highlights from     make growing easier, quicker and more            grower favorites, plus more than 80 new
the 2017 California Spring Trials. Turn to      efficient. You’re also sure to discover items    and improved varieties.
pages 4-5 for a preview of this year’s Griffin  that could add new spark to your tried-and-
Grower & Retailer Expos. It’s shaping up to     true programs.                                   Round out your program planning with
be an exciting year for floriculture!                                                            assortment highlights from seven other
                                                Your source for seed                             major breeders: Beekenkamp, Danziger,
One more tool for the new season is             As a stocking distributor, we’re committed       Dümmen Orange, Kientzler, Proven
coming soon: our 2018 Seed & Plant              to the seed business. We stock more than         Winners, Sakata and Suntory. Kientzler is
catalog. This valuable grower and retailer      3,300 variety/product-form combinations in       a new addition to our catalog this year, with
resource debuts this month, in print and        our state-of-the-art seed operations facility    a dozen new varieties for 2018 including
digital formats. Here’s a taste of what you     in Lisle, Ill. Our 2018 catalog is an A-Z guide  Dreamy dahlia and two new TrioMio mixes.
can expect:                                     to virtually all of them — annuals, perennials,
                                                grasses, herbs, fruits and vegetables.           While all of these varieties are certainly in
Choose your format                                                                               the breeders’ catalogs, our catalog comes
We publish our catalog in two formats;          The Seed & Plant catalog includes detailed       with two clear advantages. The first is the
choose print and/or digital to meet your        descriptions, height and flower size, days       convenience of having them together in one
needs and preferences. Keep the print           to first flower (or fruit) from sowing, and      volume. The second is apples-to-apples
edition on your desk or a nearby bookshelf      available product forms. Color photos            comparison: Our listings include consistent
as a reference tool all year long.              are shown for many varieties, along with         data and formatting for crop timing, vigor,
                                                component listings for seed mixes.               plant height and width. Sizing up series
There are seven yellow varieties in the Delta                                                    across multiple breeders is easy!
pansy series. What’s the difference between     Our positioning charts for popular crops like
them? Our print catalog is produced             geranium, pentas and zinnia make it easy         The 2018 Griffin Seed & Plant catalog
with a watchful eye on color accuracy, so       to compare and contrast series across            debuts this month. Contact your Griffin
you can set your program color palette          multiple breeders. This year, we’ve added        sales representative, or visit us at a trade
with confidence.                                a new positioning chart for snapdragon;          show or the Griffin Expos to pick up a
                                                evaluate eight different series side-by-         copy. Current Griffin seed customers will
Our digital catalog is suited for use on        side to make the best selection for your         receive our new catalog by mail, along
computers and tablets — convenient and          next crop.                                       with seed pricing for the 2017-18 season.
portable. It’s also a terrific supplement                                                        The digital edition is coming soon to
to print, with digital-only quick reference     Looking for a specific item and want to know
guides, crop culture and other tools to help    if we carry it? A quick check of the index
you produce your best crops.                    in the back of your 2018 catalog connects        If you’re currently a customer of our
                                                you with every crop class and series in our      live-goods business, thank you for
What’s new?                                     seed assortment.                                 choosing us! If you’re not, consider giving
Our 2018 catalog is the perfect place                                                            us a try for your next seed, cutting or
to get acquainted with this year’s new          The best in vegetative breeding                  young-plant program. We look forward to
introductions. Each brand-new series and        Griffin represents a wide range of               the opportunity to serve you.
variety in our catalog is listed on pages       vegetative breeding, and our 2018 catalog

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