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The path to a profitable season begins at the Griffin Expos

August 23-24, 2017, New Location - Worcester, MA | September 27-28, 2017, Lancaster, PA

The Expos have            Professional growers and independent          County Convention Center has been our
earned their reputation   retailers know the Griffin Expos are an       Pennsylvania Expo home since 2014. We’re
as the Northeast’s        annual tradition. They’re like opening day    looking forward to returning for another
premier distributor       to baseball season, or Black Friday to the    successful show there.
shows. Every year, the    winter holidays. You wouldn’t want to kick
Expos are loaded with     off a new growing season without them.        Start with savings
opportunities to save,                                                  First and foremost, the Expos are all
learn and discover new    The Expos have earned their reputation as     about savings. They’re your destination for
products to make the      the Northeast’s premier distributor shows.    discounts on the must-have inputs you use
new season better         Every year, the Expos are loaded with         year-in and year-out. The Expos are also a
than the last.            opportunities to save, learn and discover     great place to find new products and give
                          new products to make the new season           them a try at low-risk prices.
                          better than the last.
                                                                        It’s prime time for early-order discounts
                          Griffin will host two Expo events this year,  (EODs), of course, from the industry’s
                          each spanning two days. The first is our      top manufacturers, breeders and young-
                          Massachusetts Expo, set for August            plant producers. The Expos take savings
                          23-24. This year marks an exciting change     two steps further, with exclusive booking
                          in venue, as the show moves to the DCU        specials you can’t get anywhere else:
                          Center in Worcester. We’re eager to
                          deliver a superior Expo experience to our     ExpoExtras are back! These exclusive day-
                          Mass. Expo attendees in this larger, more     of-show discounts are available only to
                          modern facility.                              Expo attendees. These aren’t your run-of-
                                                                        the-mill EOD programs, and you can’t save
                          Our second Expo will take place September     if you’re not there!
                          27-28, in Pennsylvania. The Lancaster

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