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to jumbo packs and 4" pots. This six-color series stands out with                                                                                                E
its 3- to 5-day bloom window, and its continuous flowering. With
Lucky Star, home gardeners will enjoy consistent color through the                                                                                                                                     F
end of the gardening season.
Sunfinity is an interspecific sunflower with a unique branching habit                                 double flowers. Double Orchid and Double Ruby join Blue Moon
and continuous flowering. Yes, continuous flowering! By following                                     Punch, Over Easy and Rising Star.
the breeder’s cultural recommendations, Sunfinity can finish at                                       Lady Godiva Orange is a new calendula from Proven Winners. This
about 14-18" tall in color in 1- and 2-gallon containers. Planted                                     new standalone variety features large, fully double flowers in vivid
in the garden, Sunfinity will grow to a height of 36-40" and will                                     orange. Lady Godiva exhibits excellent heat tolerance and less
continue to flower all summer long.                                                                   seed set – so, less mess and fewer rogue seedlings to invade the
Ask your Griffin rep about perfectly produced Sunfinity plugs that                                    home garden.
make it quick and easy to finish quality pots. Branded tags and                                       Speaking of calendula, Syngenta Flowers also has a new series
containers are also available – just the ticket to make an irresistible                               to kick-start early spring programs. The Caleo series flowers in
endcap display that drives impulse sales.                                                             cool weather and keeps the color coming throughout the summer.
There’s never been a new season without new petunia varieties,                                        Choose from two sunny shades, Orange and Yellow. Caleo shows
and this year is no exception. Evening Scentsation, though, is a                                      excellent resistance to powdery mildew.
true standout – just ask the All-America Selections (AAS) judges.                                     You may recall that Syngenta Flowers fine-tuned their Calliope
This AAS Award winner is a spreading variety with clear indigo                                        geranium assortment last year, with the addition of the moderately
blue flowers. As its name suggests, Evening Scentsation is sweetly                                    vigorous Calliope Medium series. This year, the company adds two
fragranced with notes of hyacinth, honey and rose.                                                    new colors – Magenta and Salmon – to its Calliope Large collection
Top picks in vegetative crops                                                                         (the original Calliope profile). In addition, Calliope Medium picks
Dümmen Orange has introduced several new, high-quality                                                up five new colors: Burgundy, Deep Rose, Red, Violet and White.
begonias. Rise Up varieties have excellent branching and upward                                       And there’s so much more where this came from. Learn more
facing blooms. Shine Bright begonias are boliviensis types matched                                    about these and other new introductions – more than 350 in all!
perfectly for vigor, making color combos easy.                                                        – in our 2018 Seed & Plant catalog, available this month in print
They’ve also done some regrouping of their existing hybrid begonia                                    and online at We’ll continue the conversation in
portfolio. The new I’Conia brand represents varieties that share the                                  person in our seminar, “Meet Your Future Favorites: New Varieties
traits of strong branching and flowers that don’t shed. The current                                   for 2017-18,” at the 2017 Griffin Expos.
Unbelievable and Unstoppable will fall under Dümmen’s new
I’Conia umbrella, along with all-new Miss Malibu. Miss Malibu is a                                    Photo Captions: A. Evening Scentsation petunia from Takii, B. Bright Lights
FleuroStar Award winner, featuring fully double flowers in rich dark                                  Double Moonglow osteospermum from Proven Winners, C. Caleo Orange
pink on semi-trailing plants.                                                                         calendula from Syngenta Flowers, D. Superbells Double Orchid calibrachoa
We certainly have no shortage of calibrachoa on the market today,                                     from Proven Winners, E. I'Conia Miss Malibu begonia from Dümmen Orange,
but the Superbells series from Proven Winners has earned its top-                                     F. Sunset Boulevard combo featuring Lady Godiva calendula and Superbells
seller status with large flowers in striking colors, with heat tolerance,                             Over Easy calibrachoa from Proven Winners
disease resistance and all-around awesome summer performance.
Look for five new colors in Superbells for 2018, including two with



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