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By Jeanne Svob, Seed Business Manager                                                                                                          E
The size and scope of the 2017 California Spring Trials (CAST) far
exceeds what we can fit into the print edition of this Griffin Gazette,                         The popular Profusion zinnia series
but we definitely have more to share! Keep reading for more can’t-                              has gained another AAS Award winner
miss introductions for your 2018 programs:                                                      with Profusion Red. This dark scarlet
Additional seed highlights                                                                      red variety will retain its rich color, even
A new dwarf garden snapdragon has arrived this year. Candy Tops                                 through full summer sun and heat!
displays lightly scented blooms in five candy colors, plus a formula                            Additional vegetative highlights
mix. Flowers are supported by sturdy stems for easier shipping                                  Coleus continues to be on-trend, and
and better retail appeal. In the home garden, the series is a strong                            Dümmen is rolling out an all-new series
performer that reaches 10-12" in height.                                                        with Great Falls. This ultra-versatile series
This year, the bicolor trend among vegetative verbena has finally                               is a stunner in landscapes and baskets.
made its way into seed breeding. Obsession Twister Purple and                                   It’s also a terrific base for combination
Twister Red bring these stunning patterns to a compact bedding                                  planters – you can find Great Falls in
verbena. And, for your economy baskets and combos, try new                                      several new Confetti Garden mixes, too.
Obsession Cascade, a spreading series available in five colors                                  Great Falls spans four colors, all with a
including Twister Violet.                                                                       trailing habit.

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