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GRIFFIN GAZETTE                                 Special SAVINGS

Winter 2017                                 Ring in the New Year
                                                                 with these special retail offers
HARD-GOODS LOCATIONS                        Promo Code: 1GAZ17
                                            Order by February 28, 2017, to receive these discounts.
Toll-Free Order Line                        Call Customer Service to order: 800.659.4346
                                            Aqua-Rite 36 oz.
General Inquires                            Watering Can
                                            Aqua-Rite watering cans live up to their
Aurora, CO                                  name with user-friendly handles for
Cheshire, CT                                precise watering and easy carrying.
Stafford Springs, CT                        Tapered spouts are ideal for tending
Ball Ground, GA                             potted plants. One-piece construction
Tewksbury, MA                               eliminates leaks. Made in the USA.
Gray, ME
Bridgeton, NJ                               Item #  Description                           Case/UOS  Discount Price
Ewing, NJ                                                                                 12/12     $1.95 ea.
Auburn, NY                                  80920419 Aqua-Rite 36 oz. watering can
Brookhaven, NY
Schenectady, NY
Morgantown, PA
Knoxville, TN
Richmond, VA


General Inquiries

Lisle, IL
Morgantown, PA


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    Cover Photo

      NEW Nikki Dark Pink garden mum
              from Syngenta Flowers

                                                                                          16 qt. Sprout Island
                                                                                          Organic Seed Starter

                                                                                          Sprout Island Organic Seed Starter is
                                                                                          designed for seed germination and for
                                                                                          rooting plant cuttings. It’s ready-to-use
                                                                                          in cell packs, trays or flats. Provides
                                                                                          natural moisture retention and aeration.
                                                                                          Contains a nutrient starter charge that
                                                                                          includes worm castings, kelp and fully
                                                                                          cured compost.

                                            Item #  Description                           Case/UOS  Discount Price
                                                                                          4/4       $4.98 ea.
                                            81600029 Coast of Maine 16 qt. Sprout
                                                             Island Organic Seed Starter
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