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Griffin Launches Onliant® Service

for Online Sourcing and Order Management

By Tracey Gorrell, Marketing Communications Lead                           WHY ONLIANT?
Have you heard about Onliant yet? Have you tried it? Onliant is our
all-new online sourcing and order management system, available                          Onliant is the easy-to-use online order management system from
at                                                                         Griffin. One login connects you with everything Griffin has to offer,
Onliant provides Griffin customers of all types with a single                           from production to retail.
platform from which to source seed, cuttings, young plants, hard
goods, production equipment and retail inputs. The site replaces       241,000+ PRODUCTS AND COUNTING
and improves upon Griffin’s separate e-commerce websites:, and VIA.

                                                                                  Hard Goods: containers, growing media & more
                                                                                  Seed: annuals, perennials, grasses, edibles
                                                                                  Retail: supplies, products, accessories
                                                                                  Plants: plugs, liners, cuttings, bulbs
                                                                                  Construction: equipment, coverings & more

   “Onliant represents a significant advance                           CURRENT INVENTORY & AVAILABILITY
        in horticultural sourcing. The site unites
                                                                       14                  38
      every aspect of our product offering in one
           convenient, easy-to-use space.”                               GRIFFIN          PLANT BREEDERS
                                                                       BRANCHES             & PRODUCERS
Log in to Onliant to place orders against current availability for
live goods, or against current inventory from your nearest Griffin     12,976
branch for hard goods and retail supplies. Onliant enables you to                            SEED PRODUCTS
edit open orders and track shipments, and to rebook from order
history. Get quick and easy access to open quotes, orders and          GET STARTED WITH ONLIANT TODAY
invoices, too, among other account data.
“Onliant represents a significant advance in horticultural sourcing,”     24%             DID YOU KNOW
explains Craig Hyslip, Griffin chief operating officer. “The site                         Griffin customers of all sizes
unites every aspect of our product offering in one convenient,         INCREASE IN        and types are finding
easy-to-use space. It exemplifies of our mission to provide end-                          sourcing success with
to-end solutions to our customers.”                                    REGISTERED USERS   Onliant, including:
While Onliant has been very well received since its August 2016        SINCE AUGUST 2016
launch, we’re always working to make it even better. Our team                             > Ornamental growers
continues to develop new features and improve functionality, often
based on customer feedback. Recent enhancements to Onliant                                > CEA growers
•	 Global search by division: Skip the menus and quickly find                             > Retail garden centers

   specific products by keyword                                                           > Nurseries
•	 Stuff I Order feature: An instant look at the products you’ve
                                                                                          > Universities & schools
   ordered most recently; sort by purchase frequency or product
   name                                                                Are you ready to try Onliant? New users are invited to visit
•	 Repeat order function: Easily rebook an order from current or and click on “Sign Up” to register for a username
   past seasons                                                        and password. For more information, contact your Griffin sales
•	 Ordering template for Live Goods: Export products, fill in          representative, or e-mail one of our Customer Development
   desired quantities and upload to create shopping carts for up to    Specialists: Stephanie Feehan ( and
   52 weeks at a time                                                  Susan Rapillo (
•	 Pricing visibility: View pricing on your orders from any Griffin

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