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“Hey, Siri,                                                By John Johnston,
What’s New?”                                               Retail Education Manager
                                                           In this highly automated, self-service culture,
Blazing New Trails                                         where can a retail buyer turn for advice on
in Retail Sales                                            new products? Has retailing come down to
                                                           asking Siri about what we should buy and
                                                           sell? Siri, of course, is the digital assistant
                                                           inside Apple’s popular mobile devices.
                                                           “What’s missing from my assortment?” you
                                                           may ask. “What’s trending?”
                               Every distributor has their exclusive vendors and specific product
                               assortment, carefully selected among the many manufacturer
                               options. Do you look for product opportunities to differentiate
                               your store—items that surrounding retailers might not offer? Or
                               do you tend not to stray from the single-distributor offerings? Are
                               you happy with your sales results? Many garden-center buyers
                               look for products that fit their selling strategy (which includes
                               differentiation), their store brand and their ultimate goal to increase
                               sales and profits for their stores.
                               If you’re a retailer that’s on the discovery trail every year, you may
                               be interested in some of the retail offerings from Griffin. Our lineup
                               includes options from every manufacturer we represent that can
                               fill a void, or offer a product or brand that’s not sold in the box
                               stores. Hey, Siri, what’s new in lawn and garden products?

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