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Best Practices for Cleaning Pots,               Use ZeroTol 2.0 at a rate of 2.5 oz/gal and    If organic fertilizers are in use, modify the
Troughs and Floats                              use SaniDate 5.0 at a rate of 0.5 oz/gal for   constant injection protocol. Instead of
Cleaning plastic pots is a simple process       hard surfaces, pots, troughs and irrigation    constant injection, follow fertilizer use with
with Strip-It. Once the debris is removed       lines. For best results, spray or foam onto    a clear water rinse of the lines. Next, charge
from the pot, simply soak pots in a solution    surfaces and do not rinse.                     the lines with ZeroTol 2.0 (2.5 oz/100 gal).
of Strip-It (2.5 oz/gal) in a large tub or                                                     To charge the lines, inject the ZeroTol 2.0,
container, such as a 55-gallon container.       For maximum biofilm and algae prevention,      then hold the solution in the lines without
After 3-5 minutes, transfer the pots to a       treat irrigation systems continuously with     flushing. There is no need to rinse before
different tub for a clear water rinse.          EcoClean or ZeroTol 2.0. EcoClean is a         the next irrigation event.
                                                biocatalyst that prevents formation of
Recurring and increasing algae problems         biofilm and is safe to use with food crops;    Introducing some simple cleaning and
in NFT troughs and pond floats can often        use at a constant rate of 0.25 oz/100 gal.     sanitation activities to your production
be traced back to incomplete end-of-            The constant injection rate for ZeroTol 2.0    protocol will greatly reduce the risk of pest
crop sanitation. Since the hydroponic           is 1.28 oz/100 gal. EcoClean can be added      carryover between crops. Choose the right
environment is very conducive to algae          to fertilizer stock tanks. Constant injection  product for the right space, clean before
growth, any algae that makes it through         of ZeroTol 2.0 is best managed through a       you sanitize, and sleep a little better at night
the sanitation process will have a head         separate injection head.                       knowing that you are taking sound actions
start once it gets back into the production                                                    to keep your production spaces clean.
space. Floats can be foamed with Strip-It or
Horti-Klor at 2.5 oz/gal. Two-part troughs      Product             Use                                      Rate
can be opened and foamed in the same
way as floats. For one-piece troughs, use       Strip-It            Cleaning hard surfaces                   5 oz/gal
a traditional backpack sprayer to spray         (greenhouses,       Cleaning pots, troughs and floats        2.5 oz/gal
both the interior and exterior of the troughs.  no plants present)  Cleaning irrigation lines                2.5 oz/gal
Remember to rinse with clear water after a
3-5 minute soak with the cleaner.               Horti-Klor          Cleaning hard surfaces                   5 oz/gal
                                                (warehouses,        Cleaning pots, troughs and floats        2.5 oz/gal
Best Practices for Cleaning                     no plants present)
Irrigation Lines                                ZeroTol 2.0         Sanitizing hard surfaces                 2.5 oz/gal
Biofilm is a layered, mostly bacterial                              Sanitizing pots, troughs and floats      2.5 oz/gal
colonization of irrigation lines. While         SaniDate 5.0        Sanitizing irrigation lines              2.5 oz/gal
biofilm development is a normal, natural
occurrence, it presents several problems                            Constant injection for irrigation lines  (direct inject at 1:50)
for horticultural production. First, biofilm                        Charging active irrigation lines
can harbor pathogens. Second, biofilm                               Sanitizing hard surfaces                 1.28 oz/100 gal
hosts algae, so keeping it at bay is critical                       Sanitizing pots, troughs and floats      2.5 oz/100 gal
in hydroponic systems. Third, biofilm clogs                         Sanitizing irrigation lines              0.5 oz/gal
drip tubes. The root cause of most drip                                                                      0.5 oz/gal
tube clogs in NFT systems is biofilm.                                                                        50 oz/100 gal

Treating irrigation lines with Strip-It will    EcoClean            Constant injection for irrigation lines  0.25 oz/100 gal
eliminate biofilm build-up in irrigation
systems. To treat irrigation lines and
drip tubes, direct inject the lines with
Strip-It at 1:50 (equivalent to 2.5 oz/
gal). Allow the cleaner to sit in the lines
overnight. The next morning, flush the
lines until foaming ceases. Avoid use
of Strip-It when the crop is present or
could be exposed to the solution draining
from the lines. Note: Using Strip-It for
cleaning irrigation lines in a warehouse
setting is acceptable due to the relatively
small amount of cleaner used and limited
exposure since it is contained in the lines
instead of open to the room.

Best Practices for Sanitation and
Ongoing Treatment of Irrigation Lines
Once the surfaces, pots or irrigation lines
are chemically cleaned and rinsed, they are
ready for sanitizing. ZeroTol 2.0 or SaniDate
5.0 can be used on all surfaces associated
with edible crops produced in greenhouses
and warehouses. Both products are
stabilized peroxygens and oxidize to leave
water and oxygen (no chemical residue).

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