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and ornamental grasses. This series expanded with three new    Its heat and drought tolerance make it a perfect partner to
        colors for 2018 (Appleblossom, Pink and Violet) and one upgrade    ornamental grasses or millet, rudbeckia, Salvia farinacea, pentas
        (Red Improved).                                        and/or lantana.
        Falling Star offers a semi-trailing habit, unique  among pentas.   Multi-liners beyond the baskets
        This series spans five colors, of which Hot Pink and Red are new   With  the  introduction  of  multi-liner  programs  like  Kwik  Kombos
        introductions. Falling Star is an obvious choice for baskets, or pair it   and Confetti Gardens, breeding companies have taken much of
        with vegetative geraniums such as Calliope Medium or Americana   the heavy lifting out of creating gorgeous combo baskets. These
        to create beautiful premium combos.                    pre-fab designs perform well for consumers, with components that
                                                               simply play nicely together. But why stop with baskets?
        Scene stealers
        One  of  the  most  interesting  seed  introductions  this  year  is   Consider Kwik Kombos or Confetti Gardens mixes as spillers or
        Obsession Cascade verbena—a seed verbena with a trailing   fillers in your premium combination planters. With 47 Kwik Kombos
        habit! Obsession Cascade comes in five colors, including a Twister   and 100 Confetti Gardens to choose from, the possibilities are
        Violet previously available only from cuttings. Choose this new   practically endless. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:
        series  for monoculture hanging  baskets or  take a look at  three   Calliope geraniums are showstoppers by themselves; take them
        new Seedsations combos using Obsession Cascade. Whether   to the next level in 12- to 14-inch patio containers. Try Calliope
        you need an economy basket program or a premium combo, new   Large  Magenta  with Kwik  Kombos  Bombay  Summer  Sparkler
        Obsession Cascade fits the bill.                       Mix. Pair Calliope Medium Deep Rose with Kwik Kombos
        On the subject of, “Is it seed or is it vegetative?” two new seed   Summer Romance Mix for a striking summer season extender.
        products have taken the spotlight off their vegetative counterparts.   Syngenta Flowers has unveiled four new Kwik Kombos for the 2018
        Purple  Prince  is  a  compact  alternanthera  from  seed!  Its  foliage   season; be sure to check them out, too.
        is a beautiful deep purple in full sun. Purple Prince is stunning in   Confetti Gardens Safari mixes are new for 2018; each of these six
        beds or as a mixed combo component where it makes a beautiful   combos feature the all-new Great Falls trailing coleus. Consider
        backdrop for bright coral, salmon or pink SunPatiens. Add blue   their coupling potential with CannaSol cannas in 14- to 16-inch
        salvia to pull it all together.                        containers!  Use  Safari  Sahara  with  CannaSol  Cleo,  or  combine
        Kirigami ornamental oregano is a stunning accent plant! It adds   Safari Outback with CannaSol Emily for compelling looks on the
        color and texture to low-maintenance combination planters.   patio or in the home garden.
                                                               Bigger can be better
                                                               Heaps of sunflowers are irresistible to home gardeners. Their
          Sunfinity Yellow with Dark Center                    sunny yellow color instantly turns heads and induces smiles.  New
          helianthus from Syngenta Flowers
                                                               Sunfinity helianthus is an everblooming sunflower that will provide
                                                               color all season long. Plant three plugs in a 10-inch pot for a “drop
                                                               in” plant that will perform beautifully in a garden bed or a large patio
                                                               container. Or finish in 14- to 16-inch patio planters for gotta-have-it
                                                               impulse sales. Large blooming pots of Sunfinity sunflowers will fly
                                                               out the door into June and early July!

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                                                              Trio Confetti
                                                              Sahara Safari from
                                                              Dümmen Orange

         Kirigami ornamental oregano
         from PanAmerican Seed
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