Page 13 - Griffin Gazette Q4 2017
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An interesting

                                                                                container can

                                                                                definitely help

                                                                                seal the deal at

                                                                                the point of sale.

                                            By Tracey Gorrell, Marketing Communications Lead
                                            While the hardcore plant geeks among us love to think that awesome plants sell
                                            themselves, we’ll confess that containers count. As Jeanne Svob (Griffin seed business
                                            manager) stated in her article, an interesting container can definitely help seal the deal at
                                            the point of sale.
                                            The East Wind collection from The HC Companies represents a major upgrade to the
                                            basic plastic pot! The collection includes grower-friendly baskets, color bowls and planters
        Image Captions:                     in a variety of upscale looks, textures and finishes. You’ll find options here to suit a broad
        Left - The Griffin booth at the 2017 Cultivate   range of consumer tastes. For starters, check out the Riverstone series and the Canyon
        trade show featured selections from the   series—we mixed and matched items from these two series to great effect in our booth at
        Riverstone and Canyon container series, both   the 2017 Cultivate trade show. See these and more of the East Wind collection in our 2017
        from HC Companies.
                                            Hard Goods catalog (pages 123-130).
        Top Right- Kwik Kombos Purple Berry Mix in
        HC Companies Zen Flare Fieldstone Planter  While plastic can be fantastic, it’s certainly not the game in town among decorative
                                            containers. Browse our 2017 Retail catalog (pages 223-258) for even more varied choices
                                            in planting vessels from Bloem, Novelty, Panacea, Southern Patio and more. Choose from
                                            ceramic, metal, fiberglass, woven—and yes, more plastic—options, among others. Styles
                                            range from modern to vintage, sleek to whimsical.
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