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BCAs are living, breathing organisms,
                                                               so it’s important to care for them
                                                               properly prior to and during release.

                                                               The table below details information regarding storage and release
                                                               of some popular BCAs that will help to maintain health and viability.
                                                               Always unpack your BCAs immediately upon arrival, verify viability and
                                                               report concerns back to Griffin as soon as possible.

      BCA Product      How to Check Viability          How to Store                 How to Release

                       Select aphid mummies without exit
                       holes from the blister pack. Place in a
      Aphidius colemani  ventilated, clear container at 70˚F away   Store unopened blisters out of   Place opened blister packs in the crop
                                                       direct light at 43-46°F and release  canopy (shaded from the light source)
      Blister packs    from direct light. Assess emergence   within 18 hours of receipt.  and allow the adults to emerge naturally.
                       after 7 days by observing mummies for
                       exit holes or counting adults.

                                                                                    Open the bottle in the production space
                                                                                    to allow emerged adults to move into the
                                                                                    crop. Release late in the day or under
      Aphidius ervi                                    Store unopened bottles out of   reduced light levels in a shaded area.
                       See viability notes for A. colemani.  direct light at 43-46°F and release
      Bulk mummies                                     within 18 hours of receipt.  Replace the vented cap on the container
                                                                                    and store the bottle at room temperature
                                                                                    out direct light. Repeat the releases once
                                                                                    per day until all adults have emerged.

                                                                                    Release late in the day or under reduced
                                                                                    light. Place small piles of 25-50 Dalotia
      Dalotia coriaria                                                              with the carrier on the surface of the
                       Scatter a small sample from the   Store unopened containers in a   potting media, at various locations in
      aka Atheta coriaria
                       container on white paper. Observe   dark location at 50-60˚F. Release   the crop to achieve the desired release
      Bulk larvae and   active movement in adults and larvae.   within 48 hours of receipt.  rate. Alternatively, make piles directly on
      adults                                                                        the greenhouse floor or in pots of media
                                                                                    under benches. For breeder boxes,
                                                                                    request the GGSPro bulletin.

      Hypoaspis miles   Scatter a small sample on white paper   Store at 50-60˚F. Release within   Apply to growing media at end of day or
                       and observe mite movement under
      Bulk mites       magnification.                  24 hours of receipt.         under low light conditions.

      Amblyseius       Option 1: Clip a sachet to a binder clip,  Crack open the box of sachets  For hook sachets, hang sachet in the
      andersoni,       set the flat side of the clip on a sticky  to prevent buildup of CO  and  crop canopy, out of direct light. For stick
      A. cucumeris,    card and watch for the mites to spread  heat. Store the opened box out of   sachets, simply insert the stick into the
      A. swirskii and   out on the sticky card.        direct  light  under  moderate  media so the bottom of the sachet just
      Neoseiulus       Option 2: Cut open the sachet, sprinkle   humidity  at  temperatures  of  barely touches the media.
      californicus     contents on white paper and observe   50-60˚F  for  several  days.  Best  if
      Sachets                                          placed in crop within 18 hours
                       activity under a microscope.
                                                       of receipt.
      Neoseiulus fallacis   See H. miles.              See H. miles.                Rotate container to mix carrier and mites
                                                                                    uniformly, then sprinkle over crop foliage.
      Bulk mites

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