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GRIFFIN GAZETTE                               Something Fresh,

 vol. 34 • Issue 4 | 2017                              All for You
 Toll-Free Order Line
 1.800.659.4346                               By Tracey Gorrell, Marketing Communications Lead
 General Inquiries                            Did you know 2017 marks the 70th anniversary of Griffin Greenhouse Supplies? Charlie
 1.800.888.0054                               Griffin first opened the doors of his namesake company in 1947, and the business has
 Aurora, CO                                   been going – and growing – strong ever since.
 Cheshire, CT                                 For more than half of those 70 years, Griffin has hosted annual Expos. The events serve
 Stafford Springs, CT                         to kick off the new growing season with booking specials, promotions and educational
 Ball Ground, GA                              opportunities exclusively for Griffin customers. It’s the perfect place for growers and
 Tewksbury, MA                                retailers to stock up on must-have inputs at the best prices of the season.
 Gray, ME                                     The Expos have come a long way from the parking lot of our Tewksbury, Mass.,
 Bridgeton, NJ                                headquarters where the first shows were held. Each year, the Expos evolve to bring new
 Ewing, NJ                                    and greater value to attendees. This year’s Grower & Retailer Expos again offered a mix
 Auburn, NY                                   of fresh and familiar.
 Brookhaven, NY                               In the “fresh” department, the most obvious change was a new home for our
 Schenectady, NY                              Massachusetts show, which took place August 23-24. After many years at the Eastern
 Morgantown, PA                               States Exposition Center in West Springfield, the Expo set up shop at the DCU an
 Knoxville, TN                                upgraded and more modern exhibit hall, and easier access to dining and hotels.
 Richmond, VA                                 “The DCU Center enabled us to deliver an improved Expo experience to our customers
General Inquiries
Lisle, IL
Morgantown, PA


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Cover Photo | Snowridge Mini Wine
    cyclamen from Syngenta Flowers

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