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Retail Trend?

By John Johnston, Retail Education Manager                                                        It’s coming.
                                                                                                  Whether you
                             It’s coming. Whether you want it to or not, it won’t be denied. Our  want it to arrive
                             industry is bracing for the next big trend: cannabis.                or not, it won’t
                                                                                                  be denied. Our
                             The lure of money (lots of it) and government control (property,     industry is
                             sales and/or use taxes) of its impending development will remain     bracing itself
                             a hot topic for years to come. How quickly cannabis is embraced      for the next big
                             by the public and whether it’ll become as readily available as       trend, cannabis.
                             buying a soda is anyone’s guess. The only remaining choice in
                             the matter is whether or not you’ll stock and sell the products
                             your customer will soon demand. And there will be demand, as
                             evidenced by sales in already-approved states.

A Troubled Past
Since the 1930s, cannabis has been identified as a curse on society. It was advertised
as something that would turn your mind and soul zombie-like. The American propaganda
film Reefer Madness was produced in 1936 and it revolved around hopeless insanity, as it
related to marijuana use. Cannabis was also associated with the famous public service TV
ad from the late 1980s showing eggs frying in a pan as a metaphor for your brain on drugs,
created by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America (Twohey, 2000).

In contrast, if we knew nothing about cannabis until five years ago, most of what we’d be
hearing is that it’s a miracle drug for those in medical need.

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