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                                                                                 Friller Salmon cyclamen from Syngenta Flowers

        By Jeanne Svob, Seed Business Manager  temperate regions, it’s often used as a cool-  product forms and breeders represented by
                                            season bedding plant.               each vendor.
        Traditionally a premium gift plant, cyclamen
        is truly one of the most versatile potted  While cyclamen is a long crop from seed,  If you’re looking for fragrant flowers, or to
        plants. From micro to mini to intermediate  Griffin can help you cut weeks or even  offer plants for outdoor use, start with mini
        to standard, there’s a cyclamen for virtually  months off the finish time. Our young-plant  and intermediate types. These  segments
        every container size—and for just about  network  includes  a  lineup  of  reputable  are most likely to be scented and tend to
        every use! While cyclamen is an elegant  vendors  who  can  supply  plugs  and  liners,  deliver the best weather tolerance.
        and long-lasting gift plant on its own, this  enabling you to offer quality cyclamen   Marvelous minis
        crop can also be a colorful addition to  for any use or occasion. Check the digital   Choose miniature cyclamen for 2½- to
        Euro baskets and dish gardens. Cyclamen  edition of this Gazette for information about   4-inch pots. Here are some outstanding
        adds color to indoor plantscapes. And  in  our cyclamen producers, including the

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