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options in the mini category:                    Laser Synchro when a narrow bloom                  flowering, and feature umbrella-like blooms
                                                 window is a top priority.                          with a white calyx that’s a beautiful accent
Verano is bred to have good heat tolerance,                                                         on the Pink and Purple varieties. (White is
so it’s an excellent choice for summer           Snowridge Midi, formerly part of the Laser         also available.)
production and for landscape use. The            series, times well with Laser and produces
series has seven new colors for 2018,            an abundance of flame-patterned blooms.            Another stunner to drive impulse sales is
including three Solar types: Red Solar,          The Snowridge Midi series displays excellent       the ruffle-flowered Friller series. Friller is up
Pure White Solar and Deep Neon Flamed            heat and Botrytis tolerance, too.                  to three weeks earlier and more uniform in
Solar, along with a new Solar Mix. The Solar                                                        flowering than other fringed types.
designation indicates varieties with best-of-    Allure isn’t the earliest among intermediates,
the-best heat tolerance within the series.       but it’s worth the wait. It may take a little      In the bicolor category, Snowridge Maxi
Verano Fuji varieties display a prominent        longer to flower, but the blooms come in an        features stable flame-patterned flowers on
and stable flame pattern. Three new Fuji         explosion of color, making Allure perfect for      upscale-looking plants. Formerly part of
colors are available for 2018: Fuji Neon Pink,   phased growing. For 2018, Allure expands           the Sierra series and timed to match Sierra
Fuji Salmon Pink and Fuji Wine Red.              with three new colors—Lavender, Dark               Synchro, Snowridge Maxi varieties share the
                                                 Violet Fuji and Wine Red Fuji. The series          same strong tolerance for heat and Botrytis.
The Mini Winter series is bred for winter        also picks up an important upgrade with
production, and for outdoor use where            Red Improved.                                      Silver stunners
cool, wet conditions can prevail. Flamed Fuji                                                       Silver-leafed cyclamen are a practical
colors are available here, too, with Fuji Red    Superb standards                                   pairing of beauty and brawn: They have
and Fuji Wine Red being new this season.         Standard cyclamen are most often used for          fantastic retail appeal and deliver excellent
                                                 potted crop sales in 5½- to 6-inch pots. The       landscape performance! You can find silver-
Winfall is an early-blooming mini series         one exception to this rule is Perfetto. Perfetto,  leafed options in every size category.
with a uniform and tightly mounded habit.        a compact standard, has an intermediate
Multiple small leaves and central flowering      plant habit with a standard size flower, so it     Among miniatures, you can’t go wrong with
make it ideal for high-density production        packs a colorful punch in 4½- to 5-inch pots.      Picasso or Silverado. The former offers
of quality plants. The series includes eight     The series spans nine colors and two mixes,        fragrant flowers, while the latter is earlier to
colors and a mix.                                including one new color: Purple Flame.             flower. Both are solid outdoor performers.

New in this category is Snowridge Mini.          Meanwhile, back in 5- to 6-inch pot territory,     Intermediate Rembrandt is also shines
Previously sold as a subset of the Winfall       Sierra is a free-flowering series with long-       in outdoor applications, with long-lasting
series, Snowridge Mini’s four colors feature     lasting blooms. XL is another solid choice         flowers. This series offers two improved
consistent, stable flame-patterned blooms        here, with large flowers that are supported        varieties for 2018 (Dark Violet and Pure
with thick petals that hold up well through      by thick, sturdy stems. The XL series has          White), plus two all-new colors in Light
production and transport.                        two new additions for 2018: Fuji Red and           Violet and Orchid.
                                                 Flame Mix.
Incredible intermediates                                                                            Winter Ice fits the standard segment and
For 4- to 5-inch pots, intermediate types fit    For an even beefier plant, try Rainier or          displays foliage with broad silver bands.
the bill. Consider any of these reliable series  Mammoth. Both of these series size up              It’s free flowering with blooms that are
for your next program:                           nicely for 6- to 7-inch pots, and both display     supported by sturdy stems.
                                                 large, florist-quality flowers.
Laser is a fast-flowering intermediate for                                                          Consider any of these selections for your
early to mid-season sales. It’s also a proven    When your program demands something                next holiday program! Cyclamen make lovely
landscape performer. Laser Synchro colors        truly unique, take a look at Fleur en Vogue.       gift plants. Shades of red, accented by silver
represent the most uniform varieties within      This novelty series is just the ticket for         leaves, are festive alternatives for poinsettia-
the series, for both habit and timing. Choose    premium retail sales. Plants are very free         weary shoppers at Christmastime. They’re
                                                                                                    just as nice on Valentine’s Day, too.

                                                 Picasso Violet   Digital Bonus Content |
                                                 Flamed cyclamen
                                                 from Sakata                                                                       Fleur en Vogue
                                                                                                                                   Purple cyclamen from
                                                                                                                                   Syngenta Flowers

Dark Violet
from Sakata
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