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                                                                                                         Lyra Red

                                                          Nikki Bronze
                                                          garden mum
                                 Jacqueline Rose
                                 garden mum

             New Garden Mums and Poinsettias – It’s Not Too Late!                                       Brooke Dark Pink
                                                                                                        garden mum

            By Dennis Meisch, Assistant Business   Brooke Dark Pink replaces Alisha Dark   additions to existing families. Afterglow
            Manager                            Pink with the same color and timing (week   Rosso has a week 40 natural-season
                                               39.5  North/40  South)  on  an  improved   response, and isn’t recommended for
            By now, many growers have already   plant habit. For blackcloth programs, it   blackcloth  programs.  Meridian  Cherry
            booked their garden mum and poinsettia   works nicely with Hankie Yellow, Edana   Red  is  the  brighter  sister of  Meridian
            orders for the year. However, we all know   Red and Vanna Snow.       Deep Red, with a week 36 natural-
            early spring can make you do things                                   season response.
            out of the norm! The old saying, “March   The Beverly family grows with the addition
            comes in like a lion and goes out like a   of new Dark Bronze. It’s a perfect fit for   This year is somewhat quiet with regard to
            lamb,” comes to mind. The mad dash to   timing (week 38.5 North/39 South), and   poinsettia introductions, with only two
            spring can be hectic and unpredictable.  plays very well with the Chelsey and   new varieties to report – both are reds,
                                               Danielle families.                 and both from Syngenta Flowers.
            If you haven’t booked these crops yet,
            it’s certainly understandable and you’re   Gediflora                  Lyra  Red  offers  deep  red  bracts  that
            definitely not alone! This one’s for you.  The Jasoda family is known for vivid   make a strong showing on high- or low-
                                               color and enduring garden performance.   light conditions. It’s got an 8.5-week
            We’ve got 13 new garden mum varieties   Jasoda Pink broadens the family’s   response time, strong heat tolerance and
            across our three major suppliers: six from   color palette and fits nicely with its   moderate vigor.
            Syngenta Flowers, five from Gediflora and   natural-season response time (week 41
            two from Dummen Orange.                                               Mirage Red has compact-medium vigor
                                               North/42 South).
            Syngenta Flowers                   Vigorelli Red is a welcome addition,   and a V-shaped habit that’s well suited
                                                                                  to high-density production. With solid
            Jacqueline Rose expands the color   broadening the color range of this popular   heat tolerance and an 8-week response
            palette of the popular Jacqueline family.   family. Natural-season response fits the   time, Mirage is recommended for 4- to
            This new addition matches the family in its   series  (week  42  North/42.5  South).  This   8-inch pots.
            response time (week 37 North/38 South)   new variety also shows strong disease
            and pairs beautifully in combinations.                                Dummen  Orange  has nothing new  for
                                               resistance and fantastic retail shelf life.
            The Nikki family picks up two new colors,   Gediflora has also released three new   2018, however, you should check out
                                                                                  Ferrara Red. It’s got a 7.5-week response
            Bronze and Pink Bicolor. Both fit the Nikki   standalone varieties. Venos Yellow is the   with  a  vigorous  and  strong  V-shaped
            family in natural-season response (week   earliest, at week 37 North/38.5 South, with   habit. This is the second year on the
            41 North/42 South) and show awesome   moderate vigor. Zaza Purple is perfect for   market for Ferrara Red, and it’s receiving
            frost tolerance for consumers’ home   large containers and bushel baskets, with   some great reviews from growers.
                                               a natural response of week 39 North/40.5   If you’ve got gaps left to fill in garden mums
            Mila Red is a new standalone variety   South. Lastly, Livia Pink offers intense rosy   and/or poinsettias, these new items are a
            with a natural-season response (week   pink color and a natural-season response   terrific place to start. Remember, these
            38.5 North/39 South) that fits well with   of week 40 North/40.5 South.  can be ordered as URC cuttings or rooted
            the between Patty Pomegranate and   Dummen Orange                     liners through many of our root & sell
            Christina Red.
                                               Both of Dummen’s new introductions are   partners across the country.

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