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Must-Have Varieties

        for Can’t-Miss Fall Programs

                                                                                            Berry Awesome hibiscus -
                                                                                            Proven Winners from
                                                                                            Walters Gardens

                                            3 Unforgettable Perennials to Try This Year

                                            By Beth Engle, Assistant Product Business Manager
                                            While you’re pondering new items for your annual offering, don’t forget to think
                                            about your perennial benches. Here are a few plants to consider if they’re not
                                            already on your open orders for 2018 and beyond.

                                            First up: Allium ‘Millenium.’ Not all onions are bulbs! This plant, chosen as the
                                            Perennial Plant of the Year for 2018 by the Perennial Plant Association, is a winner
                                            and not a bulb at all. Jump on the bandwagon if you’re a PPA member, and use the
                                            PPA-provided promotional materials to draw consumer attention to this wonderful
                                            plant. Not only will your customers thank you for carrying it, they’ll be well rewarded
                                            with the response of pollinators in their gardens, and doubly glad that deer don’t
                                            find it of interest. This plant produces less seed than others in this class, reducing
         Millenium allium from              worries of overpopulation in your customer’s gardens. Don’t take my word for it; get
         Walters Gardens
                                            more details from the National Garden Bureau (NGB) (
                                            If you haven’t tried the bare-root Hibiscus from Walters Gardens, you really
                                            should. They’re traffic-stopping when in flower, and Walters produces and ships
                                            very large plants. Hibiscus from Walters are recommended for 3-gallon pots, and
                                            don’t cheat on this; you’d need to prune the roots down to get them into anything
                                            smaller. Walters’ Hibiscus come in eye-catching flower colors, and many of the
                                            varieties also have dark foliage, which helps to create a wonderful contrast and
                                            makes the plant even more enticing to the consumer. While not the least expensive
                                            item, this is one for which you can charge a premium price – and get it. In as little as
                                            12 weeks, you can have a show-stopping display! The bare-root product starts to
                                            become available at the beginning of April. Walters has two groups they’ve bred, the
                                            Summerific Collection under the Proven Winners banner, and their other wonderful
                      Berry Blues sempervivum   varieties. Do yourself, your sales and your customers a favor, and put in an order.
                      from Emerald Coast Growers
                                            Lastly,  you  mustn’t  overlook  the  recent  succulent  revolution  in  your  perennial
                                            programs! Have you seen the new line of Sempervivum in the Chick Charms
        Bonus       Digital Content         program? Hardy to Zone 3, these charming Chicks would fit well in your customers’
                                            gardens, up front and center to receive the ‘awwws’ they deserve. They’ll also
                                            perform well in containers where they can be seen at closer range. With 14 varieties
                                            in this year’s program, there’s plenty to mix and match. Encourage your customers
                                            to collect the entire collection!
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