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High Volume Hydraulic   Low Volume                 Ultra Low Volume
          Flow Rate              2-4 gal/min             <  0.27 gal (1 L)/min       < 0.54 gal (2 L)/hrs
          Per 10,000 sq ft       25-50 gal               0.25-2 gal                 0.54-1.08 gal
          Particle Size          50 – 400 µ              40-50 µ                    5-20 µ
          Chemical Compatibility*  All                   No soaps, oils or          No soaps, oils or
                                                         microencapsulated formulations  microencapsulated formulations
          Pressure               500 psi                 Up to 3000 psi             < 30 psi
          Examples               Solo Backpack Sprayers,   Dramm ColdFogger, Electrostatic   Dramm AutoFog, Dramm
                                 Dramm Backpack Sprayers,   Sprayers, Rotary Disk Atomizers  PulsFOG, Dramm TurboULV
                                 Siebring Sprayers, Dramm
                                 MSO and Hydra Sprayers
          Spot Treatment         •••                     ••                         •
          Speed                  •                       •••                        ••• (PulsFOG)
          Versatility            •••                     ••                         •
          Turbulence             •••                     •••
          Ease of Coverage       ••                      •••                        •••
          Automated              •• (automated booms)                               •••
          Water Efficient        •                       ••                         •••
          Relative cost          •                       ••                         •••
        * Always read and follow all product label directions, including specific equipment limitations or restrictions. Remember that labels may
        change; be sure to stay current with labels, local, state and federal regulations.
        Since no single sprayer can serve every need, nearly all CEA growers will find that two sprayers will best fill the tool box. An HV sprayer can
        serve as the go to for sanitation and spot treating, while an LV or ULV sprayer will be a solid choice for treating large areas. With these two
        tools in place, preventative and curative applications can be made to prevent damage and disease from pests, keep crops growing well and
        protect crop quality – all of which will help to maintain profitability.

            More to see online | See the Digital Bonus Content for tips for using spray equipment, including information regarding the importance
        of water quality and practices to extend the life of your equipment.

       No Matter the Crop or Situation

                                      Dramm has You Covered

              Hydra             AutoFog           ColdFogger           Turbo ULV                pulsFOG

        Dramm has a sprayer for every situation.

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