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Save Year Round with Multipaks

                                                      Mural + Mainspring GNL Multipak
                                                      Broad-spectrum Fungicide & Insecticide in one case

                                                      Contains:   ®                 $193.80 x 3 =  $581.40
                                                        • 3 – 1 lb Mural  fungicide
          15         SAVINGS %                          • 2 – 1 pt Mainspring  GNL insecticide  $323.20 x 2 =  $646.40

                                                                          No. 70-MMM - Multipak -   $1,046.00

                                                                     Foliar rate:  4.0 – 7.0 oz/100 gal
                                                                    Drench rate:  2.0 – 3.0 oz/100 gal
                                                        Mainspring GNL   Foliar rate:  2.0 – 16.0 oz/100 gal
                                                                    Drench rate:  8.0 – 12.0 oz/100 gal

                                                        Broad spectrum, systemic insecticide delivers
                                                        long lasting, preventive control of insects.

        Insects:                                     Use sites:
        Aphids, caterpillars, grubs, lace bug, leafminer, leaf-feeding   Greenhouses, nurseries, interior plantscapes,
        beetles, thrips, soft scale, and whiteflies (Bemesia spp.)  and commercial and residential landscapes.
        Unique MOA: IRAC 28 / REI: 4 hr and No signal word  Applications:
        Minimal PPE – Long sleeves, long pants, shoes and socks  Foliar spray, soil broadcast spray, soil drench,
        Compatible with many beneficial insects and easily    and chemigation
        integrated into an IPM control strategy.

        Applying Mainspring GNL in the Greenhouse
        Propagation (cuttings, plugs and seedlings)  Baskets, large containers and other longer crops
          Apply 2.0 fl. oz. /100 gal as a weekly spray or      For extended protection use 8 – 8 – 8:
          4.0 fl. oz. /100 gal every two weeks.        Allow 3-4 weeks after transplanting for significant rooting
                                                       and canopy expansion. Then drench Mainspring GNL
        Young and small plants (market flats, 4 inch pots)
          Apply 4.0 fl. oz. /100 gal as a spray on a 2-3 week      8 fl. oz. /100 gal using an average about 8 ounces of
          interval. Heavy spray applications that penetrate into      mixed solution for each gallon of soil volume. Ensure
                                                       sufficient solution volume to wet the upper 80% of
          the soil and root zone may provide additional protection.
                                                       the potted soil.  Drenching should provide more than
        Outdoor Nursery                                8 weeks of control of aphids, caterpillars, leafminer, thrips
          Apply at 4 – 12 fl. oz. as a spray on a 14-21 day interval.        and Bemesia spp. whiteflies.
          Use lower rates on herbaceous
                                                     Broad spectrum, systemic fungicide delivers long
                                                     lasting,preventive control of foliar and root diseases

        Foliar and root diseases:                    Two MOAs: FRAC 11 + 7 / REI: 12 hr & Caution signal word
        Botrytis, Powdery Mildew, Rust, Anthracnose, Alternaria,
        Scab Downy Mildew, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia,    Use sites:
        Phytophthora, Pythium & others.              Greenhouses, nurseries, commercial landscapes and
                                                     vegetable plants grown for resale to consumers.
        Applying Mural in the Greenhouse
        Propagation (cuttings, plugs and seedlings)  Baskets, large containers and other longer crops
          Apply at 4.0 fl. oz. /100 gal as a spray for 14-21 days of       Spray on a 14-21 day interval for control of foliar diseases
          disease protection and enhanced root growth. Use in rotation      or apply as a drench for control of root and stem rots.
          with Daconil  Ultrex, Weatherstik  or other fungicides.     Use Mural and Mainspring GNL in a tank mix for
        Young and small plants (market flats, 4 inch pots)       complete protection.
          Apply at 2-3.0oz/100 gal as a drench over the top of
          plants for foliar, stem and root protection.
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        Extension Service to ensure registration status and proper use. The trademarks used or otherwise displayed herein are trademarks of a Syngenta Group Company or third parties.
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