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                                                              and Beyond!

                              By Jeanne Svob, Seed Business Manager
                              The buzz around Sunfinity sunflower has been hard to miss. Truly innovative
                              new plants are relatively few and far between, but this award-winning
                              introduction from Syngenta Flowers lives up to the hype.
                              Unlike traditional sunflowers, which are one and done, Sunfinity continues
                              to produce new flowers throughout the summer, providing 9-12 weeks of
                              continuous color. Imagine beautiful sunflowers in your garden or on your patio
                              from June to September!
                              A high-quality interspecific sunflower, Sunfinity is a vigorous, branching variety
                              that continuously produces many large flowers per plant. Its ultimate garden
                              height is 3-4 feet with a spread of 2-3 feet. Sunfinity tends to be a thirsty plant
                              but, with adequate water, it’s a fantastic specimen in the back of a flower bed
                              or in a large patio container!

                              There’s still time to sow Sunfinity plugs for early summer sales. Or consider
                              Sunfinity for  impulse  sales  in  late  August  to  early  September  to  refresh
                              summer-weary patio containers.
                              But how do you get Sunfinity to retail in a form that’s irresistible to consumers?
                              With the right attention to detail, these magnificent, high-value plants will fly
                              out the door.
                              Start out right
                              A winning Sunfinity crop starts with a high-quality plug. Grown according to
                              Syngenta’s specifications, your 4-week-old plug should be 3-4 inches tall with
                              a minimum of two nodes and four fully expanded dark green leaves.
                              Accomplish this  by applying a  2-3 ppm  Bonzi  sprench within 48  hours  of
                              sowing to keep the nodes tight. A B-nine application of 2,500-5,000 ppm
                              may be helpful in the final stage of plug production, especially if you’re
                              shipping plugs.

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