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Plugs should be pull-able at 4 weeks with   pots  or  larger  patio  containers.  Use  1-2   Preventative  fungicide  treatments  for
            80% root mass. Sunfinity is a facultative   plugs per 6- to 8-inch pot, 2-3 plugs per   powdery mildew and downy mildew
            long-day  plant.  Given  13-hour  days   10- to 12-inch pot, and 3-4 plugs per 14-  are recommended, especially in high-
            or longer throughout plug production,   inch and larger pots.         humidity  environments.  Follow  the
            Sunfinity will finish in 7-8 weeks after   The next important step is the big pinch.   detailed culture provided by Syngenta
            transplant regardless of finish daylengths.                           Flowers on their website or via your Griffin
            If you’re starting with plugs that were   Pinching is required to improve branching   sales representative.
            produced under short days, finish plants   and control vigor. After the plant has
            in long days and add two weeks to your   developed six to seven nodes (1-2 weeks   Call me by my name
            production time.                   after transplant), hard pinch the plant   Sunfinity is so special, we want consumers
                                               to four nodes. Four nodes will produce   to know it by name. Sunfinity tags are
            Two sowing tips:                   an evenly branched finished plant. A   required, one tag per finished container.
            1. Don’t bury the seed. Doing so can   video on the Syngenta Flowers website    Please specify the number of planned
            result in uneven germination. A light   ( will show   finished containers when ordering your
            cover of media or coarse vermiculite is   you how it’s done.          seeds or plugs to assure the right number
            recommended.                                                          of tags is provided.
                                               Sometimes, rogue shoots will develop
            2. Protect your seeded trays from   between the cotyledon and the first   Sunfinity branded pots are optional
            rodents and birds. Sunfinity seed is a   node. Removing these shoots at the time    and can be purchased from your
            tempting treat and one you cannot afford   of pinching will improve the plant’s   Griffin sales representative in 2.5-quart
            to feed to these unwanted guests.  finished quality.                  and 1.5-gallon sizes.
            Not  set  up  for  plug  production?  No   Apply a 2-3 ppm Bonzi drench 1-2 weeks is a consumer-facing
            problem. Plugs are available from plug   after pinching. Apply a second 2-3 ppm   website  that  provides  home  gardeners
            specialists in Griffin’s vendor network.   Bonzi drench at the first sign of visible   with loads of information on Sunfinity,
                                               buds. To hold the plant for finish, apply   including  care  instructions,  uses  and  a
            Watch it grow                      a  third  Bonzi  drench  (2 ppm) when the   store locator. Contact your Griffin sales
            I mean that literally. Sunfinity is a big,   flowers start cracking color. Higher rates   representative to have your retail store
            beautiful plant that you must sculpt into   may be necessary under higher light   listed at
            a retail-friendly final form. A well-timed
            hard pinch and adequate PGRs will result   and  temperature conditions. If you’re
                                               producing through the summer for late
            in a beautiful, branching plant covered    August or early September sales, that   More to see online
            in sunflowers.                                                        See the digital Gazette on our website for more
                                               could mean doubling the recommended
            Transplant your plugs into 6- to 12-inch   rates for spring production.  information on Sunfinity.

               Sunfinity Sunflower :

               4 Ps for Production Success

               By Dr. Alicain Carlson, Technical Trial Manager, Syngenta Flowers

               For successful Sunfinity production, remember these 4 Ps and you’ll be good to go:

               1. Photoperiod                                   3. Pinch
               For a speedy and efficient finish, it’s important that Sunfinity   Sunfinity needs to be pinched to show off its unique
               plugs  be  propagated  under  long  days  (greater  than  13   branching  qualities  and  to  control  vigor.  Pinching  to  four
               hours). After transplant, photoperiod control isn’t necessary.  nodes will make sure it’s a well-branched, full plant with
                                                                several flowers in the first flush.
               2. PGRs

               PGR applications must be well-timed during propagation   4. Pot size
               and finish; PGR rates are also critical. Our published crop   Sunfinity is stunning in spring and fall plantings alike.
               culture has guidelines for this, but it’s all about watching    No matter the season, the smallest container size we
               the plants.                                      recommend is one gallon. The sky’s the limit from there!

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