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         customer comfort

            “  Follow this

            simple formula

            for solution-based
            selling in all

            departments and
            categories: Shop by

            need, by brand, by

            – in that order.     ”

                                                                                     Nick’s Garden Center & Market, Aurora, CO

                         By John Johnston, Retail Education Manager
                         New retail concepts, new display techniques and, certainly, store makeovers are inspiring to see. If you don’t
                         have the time to visit the big retailing trade shows to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments, don’t
                         worry: Change is visible in many places, with many local sources to take in.
                         National publications do a good job of keeping us informed, with great examples of retailing innovation. The
                         phrase “open concept” is at the top of everyone’s vocabulary, from builders to designers of high-traffic retail
                         zones, thanks in large part to the “flip” programming on home-improvement television. Consumers are drawn
                         to clean looks, comfortable settings and open spaces.

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