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        fall mums

                                            By Fred Hulme, Ph.D., ICL Specialty Fertilizer Technical Service
                                            Fall mums are heavy feeders and when poorly fed can be stunted with yellow leaves.
                                            ICL Specialty Fertilizer has quality fertilizers and fertilizer programs to help you grow the
                                            best quality fall mum crop.

                                            1.   Use Osmocote Plus  CRF for steady & reliable feeding:
                                             •  Can be used as the sole source of nutrients or in combination with water
                                               soluble fertilizer.
                                             •  Improve nutrient delivery and efficiency.
                                             •  Reduce fertilizer, labor and resource costs.
                                             •  Minimize nutrient loss due to leaching.
                                             •  Continue to feed mums after shipment in the garden center & garden.

                                            2.   Use Peters Professional  or Peters Excel  water soluble in your fertilizer program:
                                             •  Feed with Peters  fertilizer during the early crop stages to build strong young plants.
                                             •  Tone fertilizer program throughout the crop production cycle to manage pH,
                                               micronutrient levels, nutrient deficiencies, etc.

                                            3.   Consult your local ICL Territory Manager:
                                            •  Technical support and backed by The ICL Specialty Fertilizer Testing Lab.
                                            •  Improve your current fertilizer program.

                                              Overall comments on crop

                                              •  Mums are heavy feeders especially during the vegetative stage.
                                              •  Much of the plant growth occurs before flower buds are pea-sized.
                                              •  Typical problems are poor size and light green foliage due to inadequate nutrition.
                                              •  Adequate Magnesium will ensure dark green foliage.

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