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        Chrysal Alesco

         By Alicain S. Carlson, Ph.D., Syngenta   huge role in those losses. Alesco can help   assurance for quality flowering plants
         Flowers R&D Technical Trial Manager  prevent that.                    at retail and through to the consumer
         Alesco is an anti-ethylene postharvest   Alesco is a simple spray on the plant
         product to protect ethylene sensitive   material just as flowers are opening,   Here at Syngenta Flowers in Gilroy,
         crops during shipping and retail. The   usually the week of shipping. No need to   Calif., the Technical Trialing Team has
         product is applied as a foliar spray before   over spray or worry that you’re not getting   done extensive trialing with Alesco on
         shipping to avoid ethylene damage   good coverage on densely packed   our genetics and we are confident in
         caused by external and internal sources   plants because Alesco is translocated   our recommendation to incorporate this
         of ethylene, transport stress, and   through  the plant  to block the ethylene   product into your production. It’s a shame
         temperature fluctuations. This helps keep   receptors.  Alesco  works  by  binding  to   to have beautiful product that you’ve
         flowers looking fresher longer and foliage   the ethylene receptors in the plant so that   worked so hard on leave the greenhouse
         greener to encourage sales at retail.  when ethylene gas comes along it can’t   only to be colorless and poor quality by
                                            bind and cause the plant to senesce   the time the consumer gets to buy it (or
         Retail shrink for just geraniums and   faster. One 200 ml bottle of Alesco treats   not)  because  transport  conditions  are
         petunias total to an estimated $31 million   approximately 1 acre making application   less than ideal.
         per year and postharvest damage plays a
                                            costs minimal. Alesco is a cost-effective

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