Page 3 - Griffin Gazette Issue 2 - 2018
P. 3

“Stock up on information, inspiration and ideas

               to give your business a competitive edge.”

            inspiration and ideas to give your   to help you enhance crop quality, yields
            business a competitive edge.      and profitability.
            Get a head start on your knowledge   Pre-registration is required for both pre-
            gathering at one of our pre-Expo   Expo workshops, and seating is limited.
            workshops. The day before each    Each workshop is priced at $129 per
            Expo  opens  (Aug.  27  in  Mass.,  Sept.   person, and begins with a catered lunch.
            25 in Penn.), we’re hosting two half-
            day programs focused on controlled-  Save the dates, save some cash
                                              If you’re a longtime Expo attendee,
            environment agriculture (CEA).
                                              we’ve got lots for you to look forward to.
            If you’re an ornamental grower who’s   If you’re considering the Griffin Expos for
            thinking about adding edibles to your   the first time, there’s never been a better
            production mix, check out our Lettuce   year to join us!
            & Herb Production workshop. The six-
            session program will cover the transition   Of course, the Expos are always free
            from flowers to food, presented by   to  attend  and  they’re  still,  first  and
            CEA authorities from our GGSPro tech   foremost, about savings. Start the 2018-
            services team, Smithers-Oasis, JR   19 season off right by securing must-
                                              have varieties and inputs at the best
            Peters, Bioline AgroSciences and more.
            This workshop concludes with a grower   prices of the year. ExpoExtras will be
            panel discussion.                 back; they’re exclusive booking specials
                                              just for Expo attendees. Profit Parkway
            Medicinal crop growers, take note:   will return, too, with unbeatable deals on
            Our Cannabis Grower workshop is for   pallet programs and other retail-ready
            you. This program focuses specifically   solutions.
            on crop fertility and nutrient delivery
            strategies. Presented by  experts  from   Registration for both Expos is now open.
            Premier Tech Horticulture, Master    Log on to
                                              or call us at 866.307.8142 to get started.
            Plant-Prod and Dramm, among others,
            the workshop includes seven sessions   We look forward to seeing you there.
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