Page 7 - Griffin Gazette Issue 2 - 2018
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Greenhouse Film
                                                                    A new item for Sun Master and Griffin is the Sun
                                                                    Master III.

                                                                    This product is only available in a .004, layflat
                                                                    tube, with lifetime AC (on one side) in the 14'4"
                                                                    and 15' 4" widths, any length.
               ALL OF YOUR GROWING NEEDS                            The success of the EVO AC (Thermal with
               covered                                              technology, this product has been performing in
                                                                    lifetime AC) has been great. Due to the new
                                                                    all climates regardless of the humidity.

                                                                    In addition, don’t forget the 12 mil, 7-layer film
                                                                    EVO . This is the 2-in-1 film with Sun Master IV
                                                                    on the top and EVO AC on the bottom. It installs
                FROM THE GROUND UP.                                 like a sheet, but, when inflated, performs like
                                                                    a tube.
                                                                    Overwintering Film
                                                                    The 2.4 mil OW white has become one of the
                                                                    more popular films in their OW portfolio. Sun
                                                                    Master has this in stock, all year round. The
                                                                    strength of this film makes it superior to other
                                                                    OW films and an excellent choice.
                                                                    This film has been a favorite for Prides Corner
                                                                    for more than four years.
                                                                    Ground Cover
                                                                    The Lumite 994 (Blue Line) continues to be the
                                                                    most popular ground cover sold in the U.S. It is
                                                                    the only ground cover with a 5-year warranty.
                                                                    This product is in inventory in various sizes up
                                                                    to 15'6".
                                                                    The Lumite white ground cover continues to
                                                                    grow in popularity. Griffin stocks this product in
                                                                    12' and 15' widths. Also, the 3' widths for light
                                                                    reflectance between the benches is gaining
                                                                    in popularity.

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