Page 9 - Griffin Gazette Issue 2 - 2018
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Primo Peachberry Ice heuchera  from Proven Winners

                                                  Dolce Wildberry heuchera from Proven Winners
             Hot, hot heucheras!               Grouped together under the name Proven
             In the Proven Winners perennial line, 29   Harvest, the collection launches with four
             new introductions join the ranks, including   varieties:
             half a dozen heucheras. The Dolce series
             expands with four new colors: Apple   •  Amazel basil: a downy mildew-resistant
             Twist, Cherry Truffles, Spearmint and   variety of Italian sweet basil, is a vigorous
             Wildberry. For a bigger, more robust look,   and sterile vegetative selection
             the Primo series adds two new varieties:   •  Garden Gem and Garden Treasure
             Mahogany Monster and Peachberry Ice.  tomatoes: featuring heirloom flavor with
                                               today’s disease resistance and high yields
             Next-generation Origami
             Syngenta Flowers debuted an all-new   •  Berried  Treasure Red  strawberry:  a
             aquilegia series, Kirigami. Available in   selection that will pull double duty in the   Kirigami Rose & Pink aquilegia from Syngenta Flowers
             five elegant colors and a mix, Kirigami is   edibles line as well as the perennial line.
             a major breeding upgrade to replace the   Long lasting, semi-double red flowers
             Origami series. The series has a minimal   create retail appeal in baskets and
             vernalization requirement, so it’s more   combos.
             programmable than its predecessor.
             Growers may schedule Kirigami for   If veggies are your thing, check out the
             multiple weeks of color, thanks also to   new Snackabelle Red pepper. This mini
             excellent uniformity across all colors.   bell pepper has a compact habit that
             Fun fact: Kirigami Deep Blue & White is   works well in containers and beds.
             featured on the front cover of our 2019   If you prefer your peppers a bit hotter, try
             Seed & Plant catalog!             new Habanero Primero Red, a very early
                                               fruiting habanero, Primero Red matures to
             Incredible edibles
             Perhaps the biggest news in edibles   ripe red fruit in 110–120 days from sowing.
             comes from the number-one plant brand:   While quite fiery, Primero Red has roughly
             Proven Winners has entered the market.   one-third the heat of standard habaneros.
                                                                                    Primero Red habanero pepper from PanAmerican Seed

                                                                       Double the Sun
                                 Amazel basil from                     coreopsis  from
                                 Proven Winners                        PanAmerican
                                                                       Seed         Garden Treasure tomato from Proven Winners
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