Page 10 - Griffin Gazette Issue 1 - 2019
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                                                             CENTRALIZED REGISTERS
           By John Johnston, Retail Education Manager        Centralized checkout areas have been on-trend for several
           Retail has changed incredibly over the past decade.   years. Clothing stores were among the early adopters, and
           Many national brands have invested significantly in their   their motivation was twofold:
           store environments, in response to evolving consumer   First,  better  store  penetration.  Moving  registers  deeper
           behavior. The results are all around you, visible at   within the store exposes shoppers to more displays and
           nearly every level. While some market doomsayers   more categories along the way. The more they see, the
           say the sky is falling for brick-and-mortar retailing,    more opportunity to discover something they can’t live
           I suspect what we’re really seeing is a rebirth.  without.
           Let’s examine some key indicators of this retail   Second, less shrink. Moving checkout to the center of the
           renaissance. Many are easy and low-cost changes,   store gives associates greater visibility of the sales floor.
           and they may be just the refresh your store has been   Many retailers have seen a reduction in theft as a result.
           waiting for.
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