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SIMPLIFIED SIGNAGE                 and displays. Transition flooring can   Update your messages weekly to keep
            Excessive  and  complex  signage  at   offset high-value categories, drawing   them fresh for recurring passersby.
            multiple levels has proven to confuse   the attention of the consumer with a   Some potential topics include new plant
            and frustrate shoppers. Take steps   nonverbal cue that says, “Hey, this spot   arrivals, promotions and store events.
            to simplify your approach. Signage   over here features something special.”   GOING MOBILE
            for categories or departments should   Flooring  can be an  investment  and
            share a consistent format and hang at   you’ll likely keep it for years, so choose   Whether you planned for it or not,
            the same height throughout your store,   wisely. Some considerations include   the online world has real-world
            so consumers can easily scan, assess   skid resistance, weight tolerance,   implications for your store. It’s common
            and plot their next steps.                                           for consumers to do online research
                                               durability and maintenance cost.  before they shop in-store, to check out
            INFLUENCING MOVEMENT               IN-STORE VIDEO                    local retailers and/or investigate the
            Humans are constantly moving in sync   Ten  years  ago,  in-store  digital  media   products they’re interested in. Make
            with their environments, often without   was the hot new trend, but the   sure your website is both current and
            thinking about it. We gravitate naturally   equipment and its programming   mobile-friendly.
            toward warmer temperatures when    were  cost-prohibitive  for  many  Social media feedback, whether it’s
            we’re chilly. We move toward food or   independents. Since then, flat-screen   well-deserved praise or misplaced
            pleasant smells when we’re hungry.   monitors have come down in both   criticism, can be swift. Keep regular
            We  shy  away  from  noisy  areas  when   price and weight, so they’re easier to   watch on your social media accounts
            we need to concentrate. We’re drawn   install. Do-it-yourself options to create   and be sure to respond in a timely
            to light and away from darkness.
                                               graphics and video have also become   fashion to incoming questions and
            Make these natural instincts work for   more common and user-friendly.  concerns.
            you. Changing your store environment   Consider  monitors  anywhere  foot   Also consider offering a Wi-Fi hotspot
            will influence customers’ movement.   traffic can come to a standstill, such   in your store. This feature has quickly
            Try a fresh coat of paint in a bright   as checkout areas. What a great time   grown from rarity to accepted norm
            color. Install soft (yet efficient) spot   to communicate upcoming in-store   among retailers, restaurants and
            lighting in select areas. Take steps   events and product specials!  public venues of all sorts. It’s a
            to dampen excess sound through                                       relatively simple and inexpensive way
            insulation and/or flooring. Consider   Monitors can be used to drive   to encourage your customers to linger.
            ways to entice shoppers’ sense of   penetration, too. The movement and
            smell. Even subtle changes can make   bright colors of video can be just the   SIMPLIFIED PRODUCT
            a big impact on how customers move   ticket to catch a shopper’s eye from   SELECTION
            (or linger) through your store.    a distance and draw them to the   Brand recognition and loyalty can be
                                               back of your store. Major retailers like    driving  forces  for  foot  traffic.  Many
            UPDATED FLOORING                   Walmart, Target and Best Buy have
            Flooring is often low on the list of   relied on this tactic for years.  retailers are aligning with one brand or
                                                                                 a select few, especially in the chemistry
            capital improvement priorities, but here                             category. Manufacturers like Bonide,
            are two good reasons to reconsider   OUTDOOR E-SIGNS                 Espoma and Hoffman have unique and
            what’s underfoot in your store.    Electronic  signage  can  lure  shoppers
                                               from outside, too. Street-side LED   recognizable families of packaging.
            Customer comfort is, of course, key   signs turn heads in passing cars,   Eliminate redundancy in your product
            to any good in-store experience.   especially when paired with colorful   mix. For example, cut chemical
            More than 85 percent of garden     curbside plantings. Check with your   products that feature the same active
            center patrons are women, yet many   municipality for any zoning restrictions   ingredient and application method.
            independents still feature asphalt,   prior to installation.         Doing so lessens confusion at the shelf
            concrete or even crushed stone floors.                               for both customers and staff.
            Boots should not be required wearing   The key to success here is short,
            to visit your store!               easy-to-read messages and clear   Reduce dead space between shelves
                                               visibility. Position your electronic sign   as much as possible, and try to display
            Flooring can also influence where and   in a spot that can be seen from the   vendor  brands  vertically. Consumers
            how patrons travel. For years, grocery   curb ahead of your driveway apron.   shop first by need, so categories or
            stores, pharmacies, jewelry stores and   Clear obstructions like low-hanging   departments should be organized with
            others have used flooring to direct   branches as needed.            that in mind.
            traffic toward targeted categories

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