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One aspect of disease prevention that   monitor for insect and mites is the first step
            doesn't always get as much attention as   on  the  road  to  success.  Whether  utilizing
            it should is crop nutrition. Elevated levels   BCAs, softer insecticides and miticides,
            of nitrogen in plant tissue can encourage   or both, early detection is essential. Most
            diseases such as  Botrytis and powdery   herbs are grown on the warm side, so
            mildew. Excessive fertilizer salts in the   insect and mite populations can ramp up
            root  zone  can  damage  tender  roots  and   very quickly. Catching the first hint of a pest
            predispose plants to opportunistic diseases   problem  will make  the eventual success
            such as  Pythium and  Phytophthora root   more likely, especially given the options
            rots. In-house trialing of nutrition levels can   available for control. GGSPro and other
            help you achieve an attractive appearance   biocontrol experts can help you formulate a
            and good yields without excessive fertilizer   plan to integrate BCAs into your control efforts.
            being applied to the crop.
                                                 We mentioned that excess nitrogen in
            Thorough and frequent scouting can lead   plant tissue can increase foliar disease
            to early detection and the opportunity to   pressure. Research by Dr. Raymond Cloyd,
            remove small amounts of infected material   Kansas State University, has shown that the
            to head off larger infections. Scouting will   reproductive capacity of certain insects and
            come up again when we talk about insects   mites increases with elevated tissue levels
            and mites. The challenge is that growers can   of nitrogen.               Arugula with Bacterial Leaf Spot
            do everything right from a cultural standpoint   Since BCAs often don't drive pest
            and still occasionally run into disease issues.   populations  low enough  for the  final
            When that happens there are some effective   consumer  of  herbs,  some  softer
            fungicides that are labeled for herbs. In   insecticides may be needed to supplement
            the digital Gazette, see our bulletin that   the biocontrol program. Some of these
            includes an extensive list of insecticides,   insecticides are compatible with one or
            miticides and fungicides labeled for herbs.   more  BCAs,  opening  up  the  possibility
            Every herb grower will want to have a copy   of  using  them  in tandem to  achieve  the
            of this bulletin. A sampling of fungicides   objectives. GGSPro can help you determine
            that are labeled for certain herbs can be    which insecticides and miticides can be
            found here:
                                                 utilized along with your biocontrol program.
            •  Bacteria  based  preventative  foliar  Below is a sampling of some of the softer
            fungicides:  Actinovate  AG,  Cease,  insecticides and miticides available to herb
            Companion, Pvent, Triathlon BA.      growers. Don’t forget to check the digital   Spicy Globe Basil with Botrytis Stem Canker
                                                 Gazette for GGSPro’s chart of insecticides,
            •  Plant extract-based preventative foliar   miticides and fungicides labeled for herbs.
            fungicides: EcoSwing, Regalia CG.
                                                 •  Mycoinsecticides- Ancora, Botanigard*
            •  Quick knockdown of certain foliar   (ES, WP), Grandevo CG, Venerate CG
            diseases: Milstop, Zerotol 2.0.
                                                 •  Neem based IGR’s- Azatin O, AzaGuard,
            •  Microbial fungicides for protection from
            certain root pathogens: Actinovate AG,   Molt-X
            Cease, Obtego (OMRI pending), Rootshield,   •  Oils and soaps- Kopa, M-Pede,
            Rootshield Plus, Triathlon BA        Ultra-Pure Oil*

            •  Traditional fungicides with certain herbs   •  Combination products- Azera,
            on the label: Camelot O, Heritage*, Phyton   Botanigard Maxx*, Pycana
            35*, Spirato GHN*, Subdue Maxx*
                                                 All of these products are OMRI-listed
            All of these products are OMRI-listed unless   unless they have an asterisk (*) after them.   Rosemary with Powdery Mildew
            they have an asterisk (*) after them.  Mentioned products are approved for herbs
                                                 grown to harvest and many have a zero-day
            Insects and mites apparently like certain   pre-harvest interval (PHI).
            herbs  just  as  much  as  we  do.  (Who  can
            blame them?) Consumers don’t like    Important disclaimers: pesticides other than   More to see online
            whiteflies on their basil any more than they   those mentioned may be safe, legal and effective.   See our digital Gazette for GGSPro’s
                                                 Read and follow the entire pesticide label! Labels
            like spider mites stippling the leaves of their   can change without notice so it is the grower’s   chart of insecticides, miticides and
            creeping thyme. Biological control agents   responsibility to read the label before applying   fungicides labeled for herbs.
            (BCAs), can carry much of the load when   any pesticide. Pesticides may not be labeled for
                                                 use in all states.
            it comes to producing insect-free and mite-
                                                 1  Cloyd, R.A. (2016) Greenhouse Pest Management.
            free herbs. A robust scouting program to  Florida: CRC Press
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