Page 17 - Griffin Gazette Issue 1 - 2019
P. 17

HP       Clean, Pure,

 BIOFUNGICIDE™      Growth

 Provides a great growing

 environment to growers

 looking for a significant

 drainage capacity,

 increased air porosity and

 lower water retention.


 +44 %                  Only the finest ingredients are used to make Peters the world’s leading water-soluble fertilizer.
                        The purity of our formulations results in almost total solubility eliminating precipitate build-up

 LETTUCE               and clogged emitters. The exclusive M-77 chelating formula provides the vital nutrients and trace
                        elements needed for outstanding quality and beautiful color. Contact ICL today to learn more
 TOP DRY WEIGHT                        about Peters—the clear choice in water-soluble fertilizer.

                                                   The clear choice


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