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                 Tap tests (aka beat tests) are an effective method to quickly observe
                 the pests occurring on the surface of leaves. Use a white piece of
                 paper on a clipboard or white cardboard and tap plant leaves on the
                 surface of the board. Inspect the white surface for plant feeding insects
                 such as thrips, mites and aphids.

                                                                                     SCOUTING TO
                                                                                     CONTROL ROOT


                                                                                     Root aphids are an especially
                                                                                     problematic  pest.  They're
                                                                                     easily overlooked because
                                                                                     they occur primarily below
                                                                                     the soil line. Growers have a
                                                                                     low tolerance for root aphids
                                                                                     because plants decline rapidly
                                                                                     when pest populations build.
                 Beating Tray GGSPro: Tap test will reveal pests feeding on leaves   Frequent scouting is the best
                                                                                     method to detect an early pest
                 Yellow sticky cards are used for determining winged insect populations.   infestation. Scout consistently
                 Whiteflies, fungus gnat adults, winged aphids and thrips will be
                                                                                     and thoroughly, treat quickly
           2.                                                                        with the correct insecticides
                 captured on sticky cards. Place yellow sticky cards 1/3 below plant
                 canopy at a rate of 1 to 2 sticky cards per 250 to 500 square feet.
                                                                                     measures to prevent root
                 Replace sticky cards on a weekly basis and count pests on used cards.
                                                                                     aphids for the long term.

                 Fungus Gnat, Adults on Yellow Sticky Cards

                 Inspect the entire plant with a 20X magnification hand lens. Spend
                 at least 1 to 5 minutes inspecting 10 plants per 1,000 square feet
                 using the hand lens. Scouts should be trained to recognize beneficial
                 insects and mites, too. Predatory mites on plants generally move faster
                 than pests.
                 Inspect roots for fungus gnat larvae and root aphids. You can find root
                 aphids attached to plant roots. They can be difficult to find because
                 they can be olive green colored, similar to media. The root aphids will
                 contrast against the white plant roots. You can also find root aphids in
                 trays and floating in irrigation water.
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