Page 4 - Griffin Gazette Issue 1 - 2019
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10 Ways

         to Trip the Fall Fantastic

                                                                             Candy Showers Pink trailing snapdragon
                                                                             This is an awesome “spiller” in fall baskets and
                                                                         combos! Pink is a new addition, expanding the series
                                                                             range to seven colors and a mix. Grow and ship
                                                                          without worry: Candy Showers has flexible stems to
                                                                          withstand sleeving and jostling at retail. Available in
                                                                                  multipellet for easy and efficient sowing.
                                                                                               (photo credit: Sakata)

                                                                  By Jeanne Svob, Seed Business Manager; and
                                                                  Beth Engle, Green Goods Assistant Product
                                                                  Business Manager
                                                                  Spring is upon us! Depending upon where you are,
                                                                  you may already be shipping. Or you might be filling
                                                                  your greenhouses with colorful plants. Or you could
                                                                  be doing both! Amid all the springtime hustle and
                                                                  bustle, it’s time to plan your fall crop assortment.
                                                                  For those who need some inspiration, here are 10
                                                                  reasons to get fired up for fall. As with most new
                                                                  varieties, the early bird gets the best availability. Do
                                                                  yourself a favor and book soon to stake your claim.
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