Micro Grow Growmate Plus System

Item #24-5025

Affordable, Accurate, Control
An affordable choice for many growing operations, the Growmate Plus puts the power of a microprocessor based control system in your hands at a price that anyone can afford. All temperature settings can be adjusted independently for day and night heating and cooling, as well as DIF settings. A large and informative display assists in programming, while providing a constant readout of all sensors. Manual override switches for all outputs are conveniently located on the front panel. Includes a temperature sensor and photocell. An optional humidity sensor is available for accurate and true dehumidify functions. Low voltage 24 VAC operations.

*Accurate microprocessor control
*Large digital display and convenient program switches
*Five cooling stages, two heating stages
*Air circulation output for HAF fans
*DIF operations are standard
*Optional humidity sensor available