NUTRICOTE 18-6-8 + (270 DAY) Total w/minors 50 lbs

Item #32-200350

Nutricote is manufactured by coating nitrate compound fertilizers with a special resin. The duration of releasing nutrients is controlled by the composition of the resin and the quantity of a special “chemical release agent” added to the resin. The special release agent has resulted in a dramatic technological improvement in the consistency and precision of nutrient release. The composition of Nutricote's resin, and the release controlling agent added to it, produce molecular passageways in the coated resin in a maze-like structure. When Nutricote is applied to the soil, the water in the soil enters the granule through the passageways and dissolves the nutrients. The nutrient solution will then be control released steadily through the same passageways. Other slow release fertilizers depend on the thickness of their resin coating to control the release period. This results in a wide variation in particle size and a dependence on the physical properties of the granule for consistent release. It limits the range of release periods available and also contributes significantly to the weight and cost of the product.

Min Order Qty: 40