Florikan Advantage 12-4-11 180/Day w/Calcium Nitrate 50 Lb Bag

Item #33-12411CFR

Florikan has patented a dual reactive layer polymer coating process which it brands as Florikote Controlled Release Fertilizer (CRF). Florikote has a release period that is benchmarked to 77øF average soil temperatures so that it can maintain its integrity and last its stated period of release, even in climates of extreme heat and rainfall.
How It Works:
*A smooth exterior coating with no breaks or fissures to ensure a predictable release
*Coating thickness determine longevity. Florikote offers release types up to 12 months in Southern climates and up to 18-24 months in Northern climates
*Works through reverse osmosis -activated by moisture and the rate of release, it is only impacted by soil temperatures
*Benchmarked to 77øF average soil temperatures

UPC: 813430011764