Jack's WSF 15-4-15 Poinsettia FeED 25 Lb Bag 77750

Item #3315415

This product is designed to fit the needs of the newer poinsettia cultivars that require micronutrients, but a lesser amount of macronutrients, containing 50% more iron, manganese, copper and zinc than found in typical poinsettia peat-lite formulations. The Fe package is made from our exclusive blend of the 3 iron chelates - to keep iron available at higher pH levels.
Growers should consider making the switch to this formula if in the past you have used 15-5-15. The formula design takes the extra supplement and mixing steps out of the older poinsettia fertility recommendations.
Extra soluble molybdendum added to the formula to reduce or eliminate the extra step of adding molybdendum to each stock tank. Low boron levels help prevent toxicity problems.
For use on: Dark leaved Varieties, Light leaved varieties.